My journey to yo-yo mastery | BLACK

Remember the days you struggled just to make a yo-yo spin, and if you were really fancy, to “walk the dog”? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Japanese yo-yo world champion BLACK tells the inspiring story of finding his life’s passion, and gives an awesome performance that will make you want to pull your yo-yo back out of the closet.

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35 Responses

  1. Ayla Ayla says:

    Its ninja yoyo 💣

  2. Mahendra Gl says:

    Testimony of how you can make a living off a small device that spins… 👌

  3. Gallant Abbey says:


  4. bboy vlog says:

    YOYO IS LIFE 😘😍😁😀😨

  5. SketchyDoodleDoo says:

    the yo-yo master didn’t care. He just kept on yo-ing.

  6. SketchyDoodleDoo says:

    the yo-yo master didn’t care. He just kept on yo-ing.

  7. Opor2531 FC.น้อง โมบิลBnk48 says:


  8. Phantom Lancers says:

    this is why SAT standard is always on other lv.

  9. Phantom Lancers says:

    here come another asian show us crazy things.

  10. Jib Gib says:

    Kobe is better

  11. paanipeeter says:

    Watch the string break.. OOOFFFF

  12. trinralov GD says:

    Making normal yoyo unresponsive huh..

  13. Parveen Kumari says:

    He talks in engrishhhh

  14. The Era says:

    He should be in Mortal Kombat….

  15. Jaden Messan says:


  16. المحارب ١٠ says:

    كم في واحد عربي خلينا نشوف كم عرب

  17. haha 9 says:


  18. Dr: Abdulkader says:

    Wow i thought it's only carton film 😮

  19. Mrssaritalimbu Teacher says:

    5:46 how he beats up his bully

  20. Derek Yantra says:


  21. ANJAL GEROT027 says:

    Wow yoyoy

  22. Adib Zaharif says:

    7:20 best

  23. Adam Juarez says:

    "Oh, I am the Seventh Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master. "Ooh, do me, Yo-Yo Master, I want you to do me cause you're the yo-yo guy. – Andy 40 old virgin

  24. Adnan AG says:

    Impressive to the fullest extent !!!

  25. Imma Gamerz says:

    Music ?

  26. HTC channel says:

    ghe vc

  27. Frost says:

    Gladiator's weapon – Spears
    Orc's Weapon – Club
    Knights weapon – Swords
    Black's Weapon – Yo-Yos

  28. Eka Trianza says:


  29. Kev says:

    When you think "walking the dog with the yoyo" is hard to pull off..

  30. Gaylene Long says:


  31. Gaylene Long says:

    6:38 #gyroscopicflopforthewin

  32. Данияр уметалиев says:


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