More Dragons in Minecraft PE – Breed, tame & ride dragons in MCPE (Dragon Mounts Add-on)

►Today we are going to take a closer look on the new dragons in Minecraft from the Add-on Dragon Mounts! I am going to teach you how to get dragon eggs, how to breed, tame & ride dragons in the Bedrock Edition.

►Check out the Add-on Trailer!

►Get the Dragon Mounts Add-on from here:


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22 Responses

  1. Mia Erazo says:

    No me sale ese aldeano y solo me salen los dragones blancos y no se pueden montar :"""c

  2. 3 CreamyCats says:

    I download it but I cant find the dragons in my world

  3. Dylank001 says:

    Please update this and make it compatible with the newest version, this is such a cool addon and it has great potential

  4. Jeanie Halim says:

    i got that mod and instead of spawning it i found a baby Ender dragon right next to my house then i lost it then it turned out it was on my shoulder 😂

  5. Marcus Robertson says:

    The dragon egg spawns a zombie villager

  6. UnknowN Gaming says:

    Can you update it to 1.13 pls

  7. Fauzan Gamers says:


  8. Ant toe nye The science guy says:

    I can’t find him

  9. Bluehood XD says:

    I have the mod

  10. Sorrowful Dilo says:

    HMMM I don't think it is

  11. DEVILMAN CRYbaby says:

    How can I tame the dragons..?

  12. cheetah70007ninja a says:

    How do u get all teh dif eggs

  13. cotton the bunny says:

    Does this works the n the new version

  14. Ralph Sahagun says:

    If i have the dragon egg the egg is on fire if they are in the sunlight

  15. I will otam Your tone says:

    “Minecraft pe” guys he’s playing on pc

  16. Kzer Playz says:

    Why I can't tame it in version 1.12

  17. maibanana says:

    I have almost the same skin

  18. Helena Pirker says:

    9:44 "Wot are you tuing"

  19. Flex on MCPE says:

    Hi bin neu hier auf dem kanal

  20. Dylank001 says:

    I made the same exact video and everyone gave me so much hate after it stopped working

  21. FINNYBOY and Ning’s Mohawks channel says:

    What village is it

  22. Fazrioke 555 says:

    how come I use this add-on on mcbe v but the dragon's egg turned into zombie vilager is there any solution

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