MINIMAPS IN MCPE!!! – The Minimap Mod – Minecraft Pocket Edition

What an EPIC mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)!!! This mod will add minimaps to your world enhancing the exploration experience tremendously! Come check it out!!!


Hey I’m Jack, and I record Minecraft Pocket Edition aka Minecraft PE aka MCPE! XD Welcome to my description! I love to play all sorts of games, so you will often see many other types of games as well! Glad you stopped by! Check the channel for more 🙂

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35 Responses

  1. Jerald Valorozo says:

    Dude how what do i do with js thing

  2. MOHAMED CR7 says:

    Were the waypoint ??

  3. Blue IcicleYT says:

    Seriously? you did put the link in the description?!

  4. Axel Blazers says:

    How to install the minimap ?

  5. Aymen Yonees says:

    Works for android??

  6. Ainsley Harriot says:

    Can u make way point

  7. _Nastya_I_Kostya_ says:

    а по русски не как

  8. Merag Omar says:

    fouk you

  9. Mohamed ixo says:

    Sorry There is no map for chek point 😞

  10. سيوفي says:

    ابن المطي شلون انزله

  11. L Davies says:

    We do have maps you moron!!!!!!!!

  12. Vidit says:

    Can we waypoint in maps

  13. Autumn Eclipse Wolf Pack says:

    MEMORIES!!!!! Seriously tho this was like three years ago. I feel so old. I'm only 12. 😛
    -Alpha Shade

  14. Rifan Karepmu says:

    cara nya bgai mana itu masukin nya

  15. JONAS BARBOSA says:

    love thirt wood clausmin chrucasins

  16. I don’t need a channel name says:

    Dose it work for IOS??

  17. I don’t need a channel name says:

    Dose this work on servers? Don't ask just tell.pls

  18. Axe7Adrian says:

    Can you see other players

  19. Darkness says:

    how you get mini map with no mod


    ty JFM for the link this mod is awesome and works do mcpe 14.2

  21. The Wolf Gaming says:

    How to add to (on) minecraft pe ?? how to add minimap to minecraft ?? please

  22. DSXG Plays says:

    you can get minimaps in mcpe master on the google play store 😉

  23. Paweł W says:

    not have chekpoint's ;(

  24. Miguel Eduardo says:


  25. Robin Lumjel says:

    thanks for showing it really works

  26. Bobby Thompson says:


  27. Y121 Gigawatts says:

    How do you get mcpe mini map

  28. Jonathan Calderon says:

    How do u use w/ regular MCPE or blocklaucher

  29. Matt Chrysander Cruz says:

    Amazing mod JackFrostMiner

  30. Diego Goodwin says:

    y was your name sinking_poop???????

  31. whitepre says:

    How do i get it I download and try it

  32. Robert Gleeson says:

    Can u see were people are on themini map

  33. Jonathan Lichtenberg says:

    What mod loader are you using?

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