Minecraft PE | First Survival | Ep 1

Hello here’s my first episode of minecraft pocket edition!

Aos5 Hardest Challenge

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His video :

If u saw I was about to die I quitted the game because I didn’t want to see myself die!

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50 Responses

  1. Carlos João says:

    Este jogo vc é muito bom ☺️🌹🌹

  2. Kohinoor Begum says:

    My brother is a YouTuber of mincraft

  3. Rashae White says:

    I love Minecraft 💖💖💖


    You noob

  5. 123 hacker says:


  6. Sunil Kumar says:


  7. Наргиза Абдцллаева says:


  8. javier vargas montoya says:


  9. Funny videos artist says:

    Is this have limited time

  10. le Guu says:

    Wer is auch deutsch? 😂

  11. Lander TV says:

    WOW!!! 7.6 LeMOns!!!

  12. godjihyo says:

    w-why am i watching this?
    why are… so many people watching this?
    i’m so confused, youtube algorithms are really THE most random things on the world.

  13. Sevda Soğancı says:


  14. Windy Irgo2 says:


  15. Dan Ambrosevich says:


  16. ·hëlløw tübës· says:

    what version is that you play? please answer me I'm surprised curious to know what this version is for me too!😁🤔🤔

  17. eka sandi says:

    Permainan apa

  18. BESTVIDEO 2019 says:

    👋👋🤘🤘By mutual subscription you are very dear to me

  19. ben hassan says:

    I like

  20. GX saad saidane says:


  21. fajrina aliya fitria septiani aliya says:

    minta minicrafnya boleh

  22. Giao Trần says:

    Vision old

  23. Geovania Geo says:

    Asseio tóxicos só é x6e8zuxcxllk8wc

  24. Nubik play says:

    Я уже в алмазной броне а дом из квартса я ибил дракона

  25. Vanessa Viana says:

    Where is sound

  26. 류피밀짚모자 says:

    Mark funny

  27. BroAgentFox 4567 says:

    Pls subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to you…

  28. Bella Stronda says:


  29. Haruno Sakura says:

    You God or person 🙄🙄🙄

  30. Defana Mulyana says:

    gak jelas filmnya

  31. sintia 135 says:

    Nama minecraft nya apa

  32. Genesiis Pearcee says:


  33. Rido Febrianto says:


  34. Nicaragua Libre says:


  35. Flory Mae Ponte says:

    we have the same mimecrafy

  36. C Vegan KidsTv says:

    bro yur good at minecraft…could you guys check out my channel and let me know what you guys think of my minecraft skills

  37. Arisleidy Valerio says:

    Me gusta👍

  38. Nathan Liebelt says:

    Just saying, but it’s a little slow but eventually you will be able to speed up if that is what you are looking for

  39. Neia Rodrigues says:

    Hii, someone here?

  40. DEAN RANERA says:

    adskmakd7fzi1 fic😛😋😜😍

  41. Abood Eid says:

    C b. B c. V. Bhow

  42. Abood Eid says:

    C b. B c. V. B

  43. Ibrahim Madale says:

    What MB plaese

  44. Sita Ram Sharma says:

    Please add sound

  45. max's vlogs says:

    Fami o promovare

  46. Амир Хасанов says:

    Надо вы л

  47. Isa Vick says:

    Qual é o nome deste Minecraft

  48. JOÃO TUBER says:


  49. 브롤스타즈 says:


  50. Маша Проклова says:


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