Minecraft: dragon mounts addon showcase! The greatest addon ever!

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  1. Dylank001 says:

    Okay, now I get comments from morons asking how to get the villager! Listen to what I say! It’s an addon! And it does not even work anymore! I explained this over 100 times and this isn’t going into your heads! Check the date you fucking weebs! It’s from a year and a half ago! Stop asking me questions I’ve already answered! Read the comments and you will find the answer! And comment in English or your comment will be removed.

  2. ɖεɱσŋ - รεɱpศı says:

    How to download this mod ??

  3. HyDraNN Violet says:

    I think you need more practicing for building if you want to learn about redstone traps or something like kind of structures you can join my realm

  4. Eclipse The Goddess of the Multiverse says:

    Best dragon addon? 2nd from now on https://youtu.be/A0_1Ms1j1YE

  5. kobi macanip says:


  6. karolacastillo25 says:

    I have a question Paz answer how do toy put the mod ???

  7. Zulfan556 Nation says:

    How to find the dragon keeper?

  8. Satefication says:

    Wow I have waited so long for this n when I quit it's here ** this…

  9. Depresso Espresso says:

    I’m so confused.. I downloaded the thing and started spawning villagers and Can’t get a dragon keeper 🙁 someone halp please.

  10. ENtityoverdemonlord wearenumber1 says:

    This addon sucks

  11. Iman Malts says:

    i have the addon and its good its so cute too have baby dragons on your shoulder

  12. Jabez Placencia says:

    i have that addon

  13. EinfachMax _ says:

    Is this a mod or not

  14. kjell frode Hansen says:

    This doesn't work I even did everything

  15. Winged Coco says:

    Gona's addons don't even work-

  16. Cold PG3D says:

    Lol the villager is in this update

  17. jamesterv plays roblox says:

    What version u use on this video?

  18. Sarala Bhatta says:

    How do i fly

  19. Suresh Dewasi says:

    Where will get this type of villager

  20. Suresh Dewasi says:

    How to get this villager

  21. Fanny Ph says:

    Dude it replaces parrots

  22. Sky Pohlmann says:

    Okay mine is not working I have been trying for a hour and I’m confused do u find the keepers in the wild or can you just add a lot of villagers and find him?plz respond I need help

  23. DRIP Accryliv says:

    Man it’s way to hard to find the fertilizer dude I spent 5 hours finding him and I ended up in the same spot at the end……

  24. Peppa Pig says:

    Mine didn't work I installed put the pack on and there was an ended egg that spawns in a zombie villager??!?

  25. XxNėkø CåtxX says:

    Um,whats the name of the thing u installed .w.?

  26. Super Kitty Kid says:

    Where is dragon keeper

  27. 孙Vupix Eevee says:

    So it didn’t work because I have a diff mod 1.1.2

  28. leo Plays says:

    How to find the dragon keeper

  29. pushypainter 42 says:

    How did you get the dragon keeper

  30. Andrei Ancheta says:

    I can't find the dragon keeper but I have by juju addons resources and behavior pack I activate it I can't find

  31. Andrei Ancheta says:

    How to get dragon keeper villager
    And give me link

  32. Nightcore Aphrodite says:

    How do I get the dragon keeper?

  33. LunarCat88 says:

    Great vid but the dragon keeper won’t spawn with an egg or in villages I have the behavior and resource packs on
    Edit: I tried getting the dragon egg on creative but it just spawns a normal zombie villager

  34. Dylank001 says:

    Typo at 5:02. I said liem, I meant: unless you like building.

  35. Banana -.- Paw says:

    I have this addon and I forgot about it and I played it today and I play for an hour thinking I have a bird on my shoulder

  36. Ender Lad says:

    I applied the resource and behavior pack but it doesn’t spawn the dragon villager

  37. Idk UwU says:

    I have the same mod but there is no special villager and no fertilized dragon egg, but there is a dragon spawn but I wanted to try and hatch it normally. But there is the dragons and ingots, just that the ingots has nothing to do, maybe its because the type I am playing it, V.1.11.4

  38. Zero Logic says:

    How do you find the dragon keeper?

  39. ima dog animations says:

    I have the app but it dose not have the addon

  40. DreamMaRez says:

    I'm sorry jm dumb how do you put the pack on
    Edit: can you ride them??

  41. A little Hollow says:

    How do you find the villager

  42. Sorrowful Dilo says:

    Mines is not working sad life ;-;
    And they SIT WHILE WALKING?!?!

  43. Dylank001 says:

    This addon is from October, 2018 so it might need to be updated

  44. Ahrwen Kulet says:

    When I use a ingot and the dragon hatches, the dragon is still a Ender dragon and I can’t tame it

  45. Delia Corbera says:

    That add-on is suck cause the leg is to ugly looking suck

  46. Aquamarine_animates says:

    What version is yours?

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