Minecraft – Camping Gear with only two command blocks! (1.9 command | tents, campfires & more!)

Camping Gear in vanilla minecraft 1.9 with only two command blocks! This “one command” creation adds tents, campfires, oil lamps and sleeping bags into your minecraft vanilla world.
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» #1: Some Kind Of Magic 2 – Niklas Gustavsson, #2: Commercial Tones 3 – Niklas Gustavsson
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38 Responses

  1. Justin Tran says:

    how do you remove the tent

  2. 10,000 subscribers with videos on it says:

    5:58 When a cow messes with a commandblock expert.


    Plz guys can u tell me does it work on Minecraft pe 1.2

  4. Darein 606 says:


  5. Ashley Callangan says:

    It is not working in

  6. Ashley Callangan says:

    It is not working

  7. Master Grand says:

    fenks poland

  8. DAAN says:

    it doesn't work!!!!!!!!

  9. Sinus Rollins says:

    plzzz update the command to 1.11

  10. TheEpicFaceGamer says:


  11. pierluigi savastano says:

    pls mi scrivi su instagram

  12. Joey Ingram says:

    you should do one with a piano!

  13. Michael Tanoto says:

    oi bantu dapat kan world lock 90

  14. Mollie Fish says:

    when are u gunna do a 1.10 version?

  15. Ádám Papp says:

    I placed the tent but I can not delete it. Not even with the command: /kill @e[type=ArmorStand]

  16. Jeocine_xD says:

    mine was laging cuz i got loads of command in my world aaand it slow

  17. Lil Kiddo says:

    thank youuuu

  18. Haru Ren Kaidō says:

    come faccio a mettere il 2 command block sopra l'altro!!!!

  19. MaximusStars says:

    worked n 1.10??? im in 1.10.2

  20. • PockySticksGacha • says:

    I love watching this channel and it is so helpful

  21. Gianluca Crisopulli says:

    Ma te sei italiano?

  22. Samantha Berne says:

    "… and it looks fab-ya-loose!"

  23. Peter Flanagan says:

    doesn't work in 1.9??

  24. Dj. Candy says:


  25. tengky agus santoso says:


  26. Kleo Karapatakis says:

    at the end it says to me stained~glass

  27. Kleo Karapatakis says:

    pls make another beacuse mine just stopped and didint work .

  28. DEMIZE0403 says:

    nevermind found it!

  29. DEMIZE0403 says:

    there is only one command

  30. Valeria Loki says:

    Very good

  31. Pratama Iyan says:

    can you make creeper disguise

  32. Talking Trees says:

    I need help, my minecraft won't copy and paste

  33. SebyRo says:

    Thanks man

  34. Stoeptegelkip says:

    is there a way to remove the banners with commands?

  35. Stoeptegelkip says:

    HELP how can I get rid of the tents? I have like thousand tents in one spot! help help help me please please!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Stoeptegelkip says:

    DOESNT WORK IN 1.10!!!!!! there will spawn tousands of items when you place a tent!

  37. PikaMeer says:

    it doesnt work :'(

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