Minecraft: A New Journey – 1.15 Survival Let's play | Ep 1

Hello everyone JWhisp here and welcome to episode 1 of my Minecraft 1.15 survival let’s play. I hope this series can bring you all some nostalgia as well as making your day just a bit brighter. I have lots of plans for this world and I plan to upload nearly every day.

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48 Responses

  1. Daytime Active says:

    The first thin I do is make a sword and slaughter every animal I com across like that baby cow

  2. Jaspar Hassan says:

    i play ps4 and the seed doesnt work

  3. Ollie says:

    hey, great content! I love your videos, keep going. c:

  4. Justin Angelo Salonga says:

    Good start in your Minecraft 1.15 world.

  5. Timberlyn Smalley says:

    You should build a farm…Like build a farmhouse,put animals and food in it and build pig pins or horse pins outside of it. Idk just an idea🤷‍♀️🙂

  6. nakata sefa says:

    Seed pls

  7. Chris Benson says:

    1:31 that's just a sign that people are real good listeners

  8. Kitten Gacha says:

    whats the seed??

  9. Ben Hutchinson says:

    Tell me this god damm seed

  10. Horváth says:

    Best graphics car is RTX…

  11. Carter Guhl says:

    He places doors in the inside. Hahaha 👌👌😅

  12. Mollie Cochran says:

    I which you look

  13. Taysen Pundt says:

    what is the seed?
    also luv ya jwhisp your funny

  14. Naurto uzimaki Playz says:

    This man had a couch where he spawned in xd

  15. Don :P says:

    Man your such a fast builder thats so awesome

  16. Alvin F says:

    You're videos are very high quality I gotta say. Your mic is amazing while it's also lovely to see that you don't keep editing the videos alot like other Youtubers. You're so spontaneous and I absolutely love it! ^^

  17. Brianna Ladd says:

    best part of the video… "let's collect some tree from wood" 😂😂 i'm dead

  18. Kaķēns Bučiņa says:

    plz subcribe my channel

  19. Golly Gamer says:


  20. Mister Tootsie says:

    I took all most useful villagers and transferred them to my nearby community then blew most of the village up with some TNT 😀

  21. Tanner Dunson says:

    A man has two things his word and his you know what and you broke your word 😢

  22. PA1NT3D says:

    Hey guys, Im working on improving the quality of my videos and I could use your feedback.

  23. Dxmii says:

    2013 Vibes

  24. Davontay Hamilton says:

    Why does he cough so much

  25. Dilly Jeps gaming says:

    Creeper awww man

  26. Socks Meow says:

    Subscribe to Socks Meow!!!

  27. Riley Harmes says:

    You can tam Fox's with throes berries

  28. Maddie_ Zennon says:

    I missed so many episodes I must catch up

  29. Sawyer Joubert says:

    Did anyone notice the floating water at 5:56, because I saw it. Also it’s at 12:48!

    Like if you saw it! Plz…

  30. - Generic says:


  31. Alex Girbacea says:

    Do you play on keyboard and mouse or Xbox?

  32. SHEED OSAMA says:

    If u have a PS4 tryna play Minecraft add me @Thirty6runnit

  33. 12 TDmac says:

    “Let’s collect this tree from wood”
    “Hmm yes this floor is made out of wall”

  34. Maria Lorca says:

    Omg you are so cute I’m happy you started this serieeees I needed this

  35. alicia r. says:

    i haven’t watched a minecraft let’s play since 2016 but this video just popped up on my recommended and all the memories came flooding back …

  36. Alex Jaeger says:

    Ok bee safe

  37. RustyBoombox says:

    Guys let’s collect some tree from wood

  38. Wiz Nation says:


    Absolutely nobody:

    JWhisp: clears throat

  39. Nicole Krantz says:

    JWhisp: Emeralds aren't THAT useful.
    Me: Finally, someone who realizes! Emeralds are ALMOST useless, way less useful than iron, even!

  40. RayJGamer says:

    are you doing normal survival or hardcore?

  41. delores bledsoe says:

    merry xmas eve

  42. Miguel Chavez says:

    Watched this at 3 am sleepy af but it was worth watching i learned alot great video id like to see more of survival mode episodes and learn more stuff💯😸

  43. John Eagle JR says:

    soar Dylan is better tbh his yt is Dylan 2

  44. Skylor Chen a new ninja says:

    You started talking really fast
    U scared boy and ya can't hide it

  45. Shawn Nelson says:

    did somebody else see the random lapris block in the upper right hand corner at 5:57

  46. Niasorus Rex says:

    I’gah.. Awwe look at the baby cow😭😭

  47. iiStxrryNights says:

    you're underrated, you deserve more subs for your content!

  48. PlusMinecraft says:

    6:03 did any one else notice the floating flower?

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