Minecraft 1.9 command combiners

Today i show off 2, TWO, new 1.9 command combiners. One has never even been done before (as far as i know)! Since there are currently no fully working 1.9 one-command generators, I thought i should record this video showing off the ones one mctoolbox.

link(s): www.mctoolbox.me/onecmd

prefer an MCEdit version? Check out the sister filter made by Theaplusnb! It has the same functionality with a bit of differences, and a few hidden features (wink wink), all put into a nice MCEdit filter!
Theaplusnbs video:

Programs and software:
Recording- Mirillis Action
Editing: Windows Movie Maker (for basic editing), Adobe After Effects CC 2015, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, and Sony Vegas Pro 13
Thumbnails: Photoshop CC 2015
3D Renders: Cinema 4D R16
Sound: I use the sound recording options in my video recorders most often but will sometimes use Audacity and Adobe Audition CC 2015
Microphone/Headset: Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Gaming Headset with built in mic
Outro Song:
I take NO credit for the outro song!

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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16 Responses

  1. lasso says:

    I cant Open the Site 😭😭😭😭

  2. Top Edge says:

    +ReduxRedstone All it does is summon a mine cart with the command "kill @e[type=MinecartCommandBlock]" And all the first one does is "u click the sign and it summons a minecart with the the same command as the second one u showed"
    And no i didn't use any quotation marks
    Btw why can't u use quotation marks?
    And the second still executes the commands that only get executed once!

  3. NoobishExpert says:

    when i do it it just summons a sign with click; once i click it it summons a mine cart that kills mine carts.

  4. FutureSeeker says:

    song sucks

  5. Redstone Bacon says:


  6. 22samuelk says:

    Those are REALLY cool! Especially the second one! I'm impressed!

  7. MaxPicAxe says:

    cool! What web browser is that you are using?

  8. Sam says:

    Second one didnt work in latest snapshot (15w37a)

  9. gerrybrano says:

    I have a fully working 1.9 one-command generator as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dSI_caU-3LcfF5oLh6jm_5HYdbry6ulmVstlyLSiSm8/edit?usp=sharing

    That formatting thing you did is pretty cool!

  10. Fyrebird says:

    please use chain command blocks

  11. Rxgamer says:

    Really cool stuff, but the point of the new command blocks are that chain command blocks don't have block updates to reduce lag. I feel like they should be chain cmd blocks. Nevertheless great work! (i understand that it is more difficult, however I'd rather see you work towards a gen that does that instead of this)

  12. Creepastian says:

    This is amazing!

  13. Axolotroll : Redstone & Commands Blocks says:

    Yeah it's pretty cool! Gonna use them 😀

  14. Maul Redstone says:


    btw,Phenix is online. lol
    hehehe i shoud have say something on skype and be in the vid

  15. Theaplusnb says:

    Gotta love the tunes!

  16. ReduxRedstone says:

    Both generators and the sister MCEdit filter made by Theaplusnb (check the links in the description) will continue to be updated to constantly optimize the generation and features that they offer. The sister filter will also be up for download on the website itself on both www.mctoolbox.me/filters and on the generator pages themselves

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