Minecraft 1.9 | AUTO MINING TURTLE! | Collect Gems, Break Bedrock | Only One Command

Minecraft 1.9 | AUTO MINING TURTLE! | Collect Gems, Break Bedrock | Only One Command
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Mining Turtle in Vanilla Minecraft! This minecraft 1.9 custom command requires only one command block to add to your minecraft world! This miner turtle will build you out a quarry into the side of a cave and dig out all the stones and ores and save them! Mining is a breeze once you use this mining turtle tutorial to show you how to use the quarry program! And unlike Tekkit Classic or the Minecraft computercraft mod / computercraft turtle, these mining turtle commands are done with redstone!

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Minecraft 1.9 Mining Turtle Custom Command
by TheRedEngineer

Music by Shag

All music used with permission from its creator.

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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37 Responses

  1. tony asin says:

    TheRedEngineer did you told tyler to use that command

  2. Lance Saenz says:

    It only works on PC 🙁

  3. Belinda Shrewsbury says:


  4. Froggy Luffy says:


  5. james cyrel cicat says:

    nc job

  6. Brian Knox says:

    Can you use silk touch???

  7. Huguette Kalaki says:

    I need self mineimg

  8. goku nvm says:


  9. Pro AnimatoR says:

    What is the command?

  10. Mindy Napier says:

    Can you do this on ios

  11. Humza Iqbal says:

    Will this work on the bedrock

  12. Carter Chisholm says:


  13. Alex Beck says:

    the machine doesnt appear for me

  14. Nabeel Nadeem says:

    it not work

  15. edin_linejka says:

    why noting happen

  16. the doyles says:

    can it mine bedrock

  17. Andy Sun says:

    I want 99999999999999 likes

  18. Alana the Alien Nerd says:

    You actually can break through bedrock in Survival. However, it's in the Nether: You climb up to just under the bedrock ceiling, then you put 4 dirt down in a square, leaving one or two blocks of space between the bedrock and dirt. Then you put 4 jungle saplings on the dirt and bone meal them. Once the tree grows, you can break through the log and get on top.

  19. B.J. Hubbard says:


  20. xzX Blood says:

    I thought it was for consoles 😢

  21. Brody the iron minecraft says:

    Do you need a mod

  22. Toasty Buns says:

    small loan of a million coal blocks

  23. it's the Gaming Crew says:

    It doesn't work… the command is shown in chat, but doesn't do anything.

  24. Noob Tube says:

    dude how do you know all this

  25. Aman Kumar says:

    What happened to the old intro?

  26. The Woodpacker says:

    i like it

  27. Jaces Plays says:

    its no working

  28. Christoffers Music says:

    This works to 1.10 as welve!

  29. Enes Enesos says:

    it works on 1.10?

  30. The Freshmen says:

    I'm in 1.10 and when i enter the command i get force quitted from the game

  31. Ѕмσl и' Ѕαlту says:

    "And using just a small loan of-"
    "One coal block…"

  32. BGamerBoy01 BGB says:

    cool why cant you just tell us the command?!

  33. Goon Minecraft says:

    It doesn't work

  34. Roblox Gaming w/ zelda says:

    one problem is you need to fill them with block of coal and water

  35. Roblox Gaming w/ zelda says:

    wow thx i can know rest while my turtle's are mining underground

  36. Creepin'PlayZ / Minecraft &more says:

    i was playing mc and i had a diamond pick efficiency IV unbracing III Fortune II and i fell in lava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Fishy says:

    4:21 that's what she said!

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