Minecraft 1.9 | 4 MAGIC POWER WEAPONS | Tornado Staff, TNT Bombs & More! (Custom Command)

Minecraft 1.9 | 4 MAGIC POWER WEAPONS | Tornado Staff, TNT Bombs & More! (Custom Command)
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These crazy 3D Magic Power Weapons can be added to your Minecraft 1.9 world using only one command block. This minecraft custom command by makistein adds 4 new weapons in minecraft that all have special powers!

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Minecraft 1.9 New Magic Weapons Custom Command
by Makistein


Music by Shag

All music used with permission from its creator.

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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47 Responses

  1. J. Gustavo Ventura says:

    lol blazefury is not family friendly

  2. UltraViolet Gaming says:

    It doesn't work😡

  3. Dakota Phillips says:

    I am from the Future on while your dog had 2.5 million scribers now

  4. Terror rhys says:

    Make mcpe (pocket edition) only one command things

  5. Michael Evan Oroceo says:


  6. Bagas Pratsya says:

    U R sooooo old school

  7. SARA YASSER says:

    where is the command?

  8. nightmare animation says:

    Use all the weapons at once

  9. blue dragon awesome blue dragon says:

    i love you logodzip

  10. blue dragon awesome blue dragon says:

    cool staff

  11. Cj W says:

    i love your vidios logdotzip

  12. Dawn Rexroad says:


  13. Rainbow Youtube says:

    COMMAND KOD ?? 🙁

  14. mahmoud Faris says:

    i dont see the command link where ist there

  15. Tran Huu Phuoc says:


  16. Roselle Apostol says:

    how it

  17. BrunoPamponet gamer Killer says:

    /summon Z {Entity:1}

  18. rbatle says:

    wheres the command?

  19. dariokas YT says:

    wuat texture pack ? 🙁

  20. ShxdoDxrpZ says:

    rip map

  21. Thanos Raisin says:

    0:45 it looks like a dildo

  22. Freya Mellers says:

    It would be awesome if it was updated for 1.12

  23. Yuji Shana says:

    how to get it

  24. alwan jr says:

    Did you see a sad cloud in 4:57?

  25. Julian Kossowski says:

    add this to ttb please

  26. That’s Nice says:

    Umm…. 😂 the fiery one looks like a peepee 😂😂😂

  27. Alejandro Vargas says:

    do you need a recourcepack ?

  28. Dinothelo Quiroga says:

    That Command just Spawned Stone to ME >:(

  29. Fath XD says:

    in Mcpe Witches have sounds from 0.15.0

  30. The Holy Knight says:

    IT DOESNT WORK¡!!!!¡!!!!!!!!

  31. MrMeme says:

    does it work in 1.10.2

  32. EDSBeGaming says:


  33. Redvibes A says:

    This is so much destruction I love it

  34. Redvibes A says:

    Why did he destroy the house the beautiful house

  35. TrueBubble says:

    Does it work for 1.10?

  36. TheKawaiiCookie says:

    i do not understand please help

  37. AG Craft says:

    You talk to much

  38. Panda D says:

    where is the link?!

  39. Thunder Funder says:


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