Minecraft 1.6.4 || Smart Moving Mod (Tutorial + Download)

Minecraft 1.6.4 smart moving mod how to install download
minecraft 1.6.4 smart moving mod tutorial
minecraft 1.6.4 smartmoving HD texture pack

Hey guys! 🙂

I show you how to install the Minecraft 1.6.4 Smart Moving mod!


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minecraft 1.6.4 smart moving mod tmi install how to tutorial download easy mods mod

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43 Responses

  1. George Wood says:

    I swear when I follow my root directory exactly, it doesn't load the forge files in there. I even tried starting from the C: Drive and working my way there, and it still didn't work properly. Nothing was installed in there.

  2. IFunnyz says:

    it wouldent give it to me

  3. BeGAMERZ 21 says:

    Vec3 Pool Size: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null

    What Happened Its That ? Iam not a Null iam Using FullVerion

  4. Paolo Javellana says:

    it wont show up

  5. Astra says:

    dont work!! i did all steps and still dont work, DO NOT TELL ME TO JUST LEAVE! ill disilike because do not work

  6. Power Gaming says:

    IT WOROKED!?!?!?!

  7. Joel Mills says:

    Thanks mate. Totally forgot to pull the Archive files, from within the downloaded archive files lol. 

  8. Kinnet says:

    THANKS !!!

  9. File says:

    soory,1.6.2 forge

  10. File says:

    you are download 1.6.4 forge

  11. JJ Flip says:

    Thanks 😀

  12. Hayk Martirosyan says:

    yu got a sub 

  13. Jordan Warrington says:

    Thankyou so much, I can now not go on my minecraft. I'm subscribing for defo.

  14. Samwind88 says:

    Thanks I was trying to get this to work for ever 😛 and finally this video 😀

  15. 小尤 says:

    i can not download .

  16. Thekalamit-ST says:


  17. MrPickleGoat says:

    AWSOME 🙂

  18. NSMGaming says:

    if u guys have problems try using the forge 1.1 for versioon 1.6.4

  19. Torn says:

    Much better than the recommended video.

  20. Torn says:

    Thanks, this helped a lot!

  21. realdesign says:

    It doesnt work for me it say 1.7.2 and not 1.6.4 

  22. lmolearyYT says:

    It worked but every time I load it it crashes

  23. Daniel Gauvin says:

    Thanks this helped a lot.

  24. ImPureDonkey says:

    Doesn't Work it just for MAC!!!

  25. Justin Y. says:

    use skydaz way easyer

  26. tino says:

    thx so much 😀

  27. joe says:


  28. TheYoungBeastHD says:

    in mine it whas not zip files it whas cores But when i got in minecraft it sad 7 mods loaded not 6 and when i create a new world and load it it just crash ;( help idk why this happends it started to happen in like 2 days ago then no mods work enymore 🙁 without pixelmon 😀 but yeah i hope it get fixed in new update

  29. Kristine Yetter says:

    it says i have mod sources that are duplicate but i dont know how to fix it someone plz tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  30. Adorbsatron says:

    I download the Minecraft Forge but it's just a NOTEPAD FILE! Can anyone help? I have no idea why but it worked on another computer I used to own. This new one won't. Is it because of Windows 8?

  31. xxRANDOM23xx says:

    what is minecraft isn't responding

  32. Pjoutotheminer says:

    thanks man

  33. Juan Flores says:

    thanks it work(:

  34. Logical-Gaming says:


  35. XMadGaming says:

    @EnderMods my forge installer is taking quite alot of time to install

  36. Tyler Berry says:

    I dont know if this is for all users, but, my minecraft will only run mods that are jar files. If I put any type of zip folder or even an unzipped version of it into my mod folder, my game will either crash or be unaffected by the file being there. Help?

  37. Captain Bear says:

    Its Work i give subscribe

  38. KJSpade says:

    Doesn't work

  39. Katter Cthulhu says:

    thank you for doing this video it helped me alot 🙂

  40. ChiliGo Pepper says:

    I've got so many mods now!

  41. ChiliGo Pepper says:

    cool dude!

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