Minecraft 1.14 Survival Let's Play – A New Beginning! | Ep 1

Hello everyone JWhisp here and welcome to episode 1 of my Minecraft 1.14 Survival Let’s Play.

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24 Responses

  1. JWhisp says:

    Count how many times I clear my throat and win a free cookie (totally legit) 🙂

  2. Stephany Johnson says:


  3. Marlon Lopes Lima says:

    Hello JWhisp, how're you? I love your channel, give me a heart. =)

  4. Pooper Tou says:

    How does that fill hu

  5. fattyangel28 says:

    This dude is so positive . I love it.

  6. Deb Leasor says:

    It’s called a blast furnace

  7. Janice Ricker says:

    Not being bossy but get two stacks of coal one stack for torches and the other for smelting ores it will help alot

  8. Pooper Tou says:

    NEW LINCK xbox360 HAS The last update on Minecraft 2012 1.2 go get it at tyler mall

  9. Willow Swinson says:

    I love your vids but I feel like you talk too much

  10. Joey Menace says:

    missed the cave entrance at 5:04 RIP

  11. Litten Litten says:

    pleas play forza horizon 4

  12. Weeb Eliminator says:

    people need to come up with better first video names because this one has been used thousands of times!!!

  13. Elouise Causier__ says:

    At 8:15 it glitches when he cut the tree

  14. Elouise Causier__ says:

    At 5:05 here was a cave right beside him but he missed it

  15. Elouise Causier__ says:

    He said he would use wood to make stone tools???????

  16. Brownie Kid says:

    Sorry but 11:44 …. your voice went ⬇️ and I went 😨🤤

  17. Split Gaming says:

    (Jhwisp) ''Its not like its hard to fight mods or anything,'' (Ravager) Am i a joke to you?

  18. Logan Anderson says:

    Blast furnace

  19. AyoBlnkzz says:

    Why r u always running away from monsters they’re easy to fight

  20. danijel arsic says:

    Can you tell my seed please

  21. Dominator says:

    Take a shot each time he clears his throat

  22. Mary Skinner says:

    So much nostalgia from watching this…gonna get Minecraft again 😂

  23. Panorea Pan says:

    am I the only one who feels nausea ? movements are to rough

  24. Thatsme3 says:

    Bruhhhhhhh ur bad

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