MCPE 0.14.2 TOOLBOX MOD UPDATE!!! – New Minimap & Waypoints – Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

✔️Hey guys welcome back to another video today i show u the updated toolbox mod knows as the too many items mod which adds a new minimap and waypoints that glow!

Mod made by:
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Download toolbox/ too many items here:

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➤ Bio: Hey guys FuzionDroid here!! and welcome to another video, on this channel i mainly do Minecraft PE, MCPE or Minecraft Pocket Edition however you want to say it xD i record it! I do a lot of minigames, mods & so much more so welcome to the channel! 🙂
➤Music used in this video:
Intro song: Itro – Tidal Waves ft. Kèdo Rebelle

➤Background & outro music:


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28 Responses

  1. Precious Dee Flores says:

    That is The Most Coolest Mod Ever

  2. GiselleRBLX says:

    Are you on iOS??

  3. Llama Gaming says:

    Is this on iOS please I need to know

  4. Teletubbie547 says:

    How can i unable the color on the waypoints?

  5. Sempaii Wacky!!! says:

    I️ got it but I don’t see the swrod or mini map

  6. quinten brown says:


  7. angelo studios says:

    I love that i will dawnload that

  8. Gabriela Bhaktirasa Veiskate says:

    I love this video, and I love that you showed this mod because I didn't know about it and now I'm so so so so so happy!!! You made my day

  9. Nadeem Rawashdeh says:

    How to download it

  10. Matthew Henderson says:

    This what showed up on my

  11. Shadow moonlight says:


  12. Kathy Gallegos says:

    thanks for this vidio

  13. emily licatan says:

    I downloaded in the wrong time 🙁 P.S im using my moms account xD The Names Austin

  14. HaVe FuN says:

    thx so fuckin much

  15. Purple Galaxy says:

    Do you use iOS for this review

  16. Zanthius The Legend says:


  17. V Sof Channel says:

    Best mod ever dude

  18. Marjorie ibasco says:

    i was get survival and i can get it again looks like were are hacker XD

  19. ROchi says:

    This Toolbox required block launcher??

  20. Gabriel Juliato says:

    but how do u install it

  21. kadyn peters says:


  22. iOS player 64 says:


  23. iOS player 64 says:


  24. iOS player 64 says:


  25. iOS player 64 says:

    Idownlaod it on ios

  26. Ya Boi Avery says:

    Your my favorite mcpe youtuber!

  27. LIEUTENANT says:

    Hmmm kinda like the pc version

  28. Heizel Tamura says:

    I love toolbox

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