Matthew Koma, Zedd – Spectrum (Acoustic Version)

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Music video by Matthew Koma, Zedd performing Spectrum. (C) 2012 Interscope Records


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36 Responses

  1. kourosh S says:

    Jaymes young

  2. E L says:

    Wow…my ears are in love ❤️ Why am I just finding the acoustic version now?

  3. Brenda Evelyn Frete says:

    Am I the only one who don't think that he sings like a girl?

  4. Michael Loves Pizza says:

    His voice is so beautiful. I'm dead.

  5. Thiago Santana says:

    voz unica.

  6. Jared ;P says:

    Yusss, I thought I wasn’t going to like the acoustic version. I was wrong 💜

  7. Leo Sanchez says:

    Que maravilla 😍😍😍

  8. Norris says:

    Sounds like a menstruating woman. Hillary Duff married this soy boy? Wow.

  9. Tamara Labro says:

    The moment I realize all Zedd songs I liked were either Miriam Bryant's or Matthew Koma's collab <3

  10. DigitalDiary MusicChannel says:

    Goodbye friendship..

  11. Paul Oliva says:

    I will never let you go. ❤️

  12. Lucas Matheus says:

    How many years ago this acoustic on Zedd's birthday, this music make sense now on these days after Matthew revealed some truths about Zedd …

  13. gfunk449 says:

    This is amazing.

  14. Karina Andrade says:

    toda vez eu choro…

  15. Klinik 023 says:

    He sounds like a girl in the edm version

  16. TOP TV - says:

    Love perfect

  17. 오엨허 says:

    I always thought that the voice in the song was a girl…

  18. Muthiah Salsabila says:

    Went here and cry after his tweet about zedd ripping him off

  19. sr K says:

    This is his song.

  20. Huy says:

    Go Matt! SMH @ Zedd…

  21. Daniel Porcupile says:

    Tea we all did, Ck out Eric Prydz Generate,, same thing . we all thought…

  22. SMPMS8389 says:


  23. Debbie Hong says:

    His voice is so beautifully raspy in this version. Couldn't hear it in the regular version. Love both though!

  24. FRMProducciones says:

    I will NEVER let you go.

  25. Tunner33 says:

    I need more acoustic Matthew Koms pleaseee. His voice is so unique and beautiful!

  26. Elsa Blair-Salerno says:

    Pure talent 🎶❤️🎶

  27. ira nofiyanti says:

    I miss you nyet

  28. torimalen says:

    my wedding song<3

  29. Katerina Fadeeva says:

    Damn I miss this kind of Zedd❤️ Tho I was freaking happy to see him at Omnia in Vegas I still was this Matthew Koma blah blah Songs crazily

  30. Dan Zapanta says:


  31. Trần Vũ says:

    Better than original

  32. Mohammed chergui-darif says:

    Who's still listen in 2019 ?

  33. Camila says:

    This melody is something else.❤

  34. Fernando Freire says:

    I thought he was a girl :v :v

  35. Jaha Walgern says:

    The acoustic makes the song Lyrics so much more compelling

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