Martin Yu of Shopee – ASIA ECOMM SUMMIT 2019

Martin Yu
Associate Director – Country Head
PRESENTER: Martin runs what many consider the most disruptive ecommerce platform in Asia and main rival to Alibaba. Its NYSE-parent company, Sea, raised upwards of $1.5 billion to funnel into its Shopee e-commerce business. Chinese ecommerce behemoth, Tencent, is the largest shareholder with 39.7%.

Asia ECOMM Summit 2019. Title Sponsor: LBC Business Solutions. Elite Sponsors: Multisys and Regus.
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Companies are finding whole new revenue sources and dramatically reduced costs with Ecommerce. Others are being hit hard in ways they never imagined and fighting for their lives.

Learn from the achievements and fiascos of others to get control of your future or start digging your grave. Customers want more choices, lower prices, personal delivery and they are sick of the hassles of paper forms, traveling to shop, cuing to pay and poor customer service.

Industry after industry are finding vast new opportunities opening for them and dramatic costs savings. Retail, logistics, finance, tourism, real estate, food, pharma, power, accounting, law, HR, direct selling, on and on. Even businesses like weddings, funerals and farming are changing forever as people go direct and create more options.


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