Make Animated PowerPoint Timeline Slide

In this animated PowerPoint timeline slide design tutorial, you will learn how to make and animate timeline presentation slide so that it can attract your audience. This animated timeline slide can be used for representing any sort of historical data or any step by step processing system.

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You can get this Animated PowerPoint template for free from here:

Used elements:
Software: PowerPoint 2016 or 2013
Icons: Flaticon
Shapes: Teardrop, oval & lines
Animations: Zoom, float in & wipe
Font: Tw Cen MT

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Background Music Credits:
Funky Chunk Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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49 Responses

  1. Mayada EL Moaaz says:

    any one could help urgently with a templet like that i need in my work tommorow

  2. Deddy Wirata says:

    Thank you!

  3. Prova Chowdhury says:

    Your presentations are great. I want to know how you change the color of icons to red, yellow and other colors?

  4. Jens Kirchert says:

    Kann man sie gewerblich nutzen also sprich auf eine Webseite einbinden?

  5. Krystelle Lois Llamedo says:

    You are such a savior 😀 Thank you so much!

  6. kamlesh thakor says:

    Dear sir I have 2007 version of Power pont I Want to How to aline shape Red line by touch shape

  7. Sunny Sabuero says:



    its which version powerpoint 2013 or 2016

  9. RATI says:

    you are a life saver! an amazing tutorial !!

  10. RATI says:

    Fantastic work.

  11. Ruby Joy Develos says:

    Where can i get that color ?

  12. amine dz says:

  13. Rosnan mat adam says:

    Thank you

  14. Ahmed Fawzy says:

    greeeeeeeeeet Video

  15. Beauty Maple - Anupam Shukla says:

    Amazing, thanks a lot for these tutorials you are a saviour 🎉

  16. Samantha Ramakers says:

    Great! Thank you.

  17. Hamzah Hasyim says:

    I want to know taking better notes powerpoint use this powerpoint template.

    I have created the notes, however, I can not create the notes with font size proper at this template. Do you have any idea to solve my problem? Thank you.

  18. Yongky Wasesa says:


  19. Saurabh Prabhakar says:

    nice one, but these icons are paid…can we get them as free or not?

  20. Deepak Kumar says:

    Its going to animate automatic, How to animate slide by click on button

  21. MUKESH VIDEO TM says:

    Sala Hindustan me rahata hai Hindi nahi nol sakta kya

  22. WILSON AUREO says:

    Very creative. Good job bro. Congratulations!

  23. Princii entertainment says:

    Meaning of groove sir….u have told n…ctrl d

  24. Jake Ihekona says:

    How do I reach you privately?

  25. Patrick Marfo says:

    Great stuff……really helpful


    excellent work, more creative

  27. Niteesh Kumar says:

    I had no idea, that a presentation could be this Fantastic.

  28. Kaml Karim says:

    Great …fantastic

  29. john alejandro mosquera valdes says:

    Excellent tutorial, is just that I looking for…..thanks a lot!

  30. Ngọc Anh Phạm says:


  31. Tomodo TD says:

    كيف سوى مجموعة للأشكال بـ 4:30 ؟ How he let the icons in a group in 4:30

  32. Kiran UR says:

    Fantastic !!

  33. Tasnim Tamimi says:

    My powerpoint is not providing icons and itis updated (2016)
    what to do ?

  34. nurul aiman says:

    thank you so much!!

  35. hang trinh says:

    really nice, thank you so much i've never expected that i can do such excellent slide in pp

  36. marwa a says:

    Love your channel 👍🏼 many thanks

  37. Khánh Toàn Trương says:

    Nice! thanks

  38. Iain Simpson says:

    thank you so much for this – helped me out of a tight spot!

  39. Thảo Nguyễn says:

    can i use power point 2010 to make this?

  40. QuimicaVerde Lab says:

    You are the one!!

  41. Syifa Taza says:

    Thank you so much.. great sharing from u…

  42. Kevin Mathewson says:

    The green circle is too close to the yellow one, and it's bugging me a little.

  43. World's CrazySnook says:

    Where did you get those pictures? Those medal, bag, diamond, clock, and painting?

  44. rizwan siddiqui says:

    Dude you are a great skilled guy loved your presentation skills

  45. Hoang V says:

    rất hữu ích.

  46. Phước Huy Bùi says:

    Thank u very much ! This video help me a lot !

  47. Misah Sulaiman says:

    really help me….thank you…thank you for sharing…GBU

  48. Any Time Media says:

    you are incredible and a great human being

  49. Citra Lay says:

    All your videos are very helpful. Thank you so much!

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