Macally Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac Review

Macally Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac Review

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The Macally BTSOLARKEYSG is a stylish Bluetooth solar keyboard, especially designed for Mac. It has 110 full size, thin and quiet Scissor-Key-Switch™ keycaps for a sensitive and responsive touch. It also has 21 convenient preset shortcut keys for one-touch control of Mac applications and a 17-key numeric keypad to quickly and efficiently enter long sequences of numbers. The built-in solar panel constantly charges internal Li-ion battery under any indoor or outdoor light. You will never need to replace battery or recharge battery manually again. The stylish and slim Macally BTSOLARKEY is a perfect match for your Apple computer as it will greatly help you to increase your productivity!

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6 Responses

  1. Kevsterman says:

    Can you change the volume by pressing just one key? I've just purchased a new Jellycomb keyboard and I need both hands to change the volume, a complete dealbreaker so I'm sending it back and looking for something better. I really like the look of this one but I need to be able to adjust volume with a single press.

  2. Laura Parsons says:

    Like you, I had been longing for a replacement solar keyboard for my Logitech that crapped out on me. (For some reason, certain keys stopped registering or else typed other characters–useless!) So, when I saw the Macally one at a steep discount during Amazon Prime days, I took the plunge. It is SO GREAT! I fully agree with everything you say. I do wish, though, that it had an indicator for battery charge %. Other than that, though it is grand.

  3. justun chan says:

    Price is great too !

  4. Darren Gator says:

    Nice keyboard, the design is very pleasing. I hope you do a follow up in 6 months to see how well it is holding up.

  5. Avsez says:

    Hello I sit fairly close to the tv I’m upgrading to a monitor thanks to your review on a Samsung gaming monitor I found my choice but I don’t know weather to purchase the 28 inch or the 32 I don’t know if the 28 will be to small or the 32 will be to big I sit a meter to half a meter away which one should I buy ???

  6. Frank Menardi says:

    Thanks for the great review. Looks like a fantastic keyboard. As you mentioned, a UK version would be nice and a backlit option would be the icing on the cake.( Although the battery would inevitably suffer a little )

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