Luffy VS Goku Transformations in M U G E N

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  1. lelo_boy red star says:

    لعبه ممتعه

  2. Thị tuyết nga Phạm says:

    Thằng lozz goku tại luffy đứng yên thôi con chó sặc sụa

  3. Mickeel Prather says:


  4. Ancientducky231 - says:


  5. La Vaca Sagrada says:


  6. João Vitor says:


  7. くそしてねろ僕達は更生しました。 says:


  8. Thass D Rock says:


  9. Universal KOHuman says:

    Can Ki blasts act like bullets when it hit Luffy?

  10. Video Của Tôi says:


  11. Prince Inwati says:

    All wierdos who are saying luffy can beat goku, you really need to eat shit shit no mi devil fruit, you are just fanboys nothing more, I've watched Dragonball series and still watching one piece anime, and you know that luffy will never be able to defeat goku in thousand of years, so please understand, don't get in a flow by watching a fanmade video, otaku's will understand, hope you'll get it if not then watch dbz and dbs series, I'm just telling you real facts, nothing offensive okay, see ya

    (About shit shit no mi devil fruit that's just a joke, so chill do not search it on google)

  12. Yael Alvarez says:

    Gano luffy siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. Sufyan khan says:

    I am saying again luffy will get fucked up

  14. ไอ สัส says:


  15. Reaper - Danny says:

    Is an animation or game?

  16. towelie s says:

    Link of Luffy with Gear 4 please????? Also with the other techniques if there is

  17. Fried Rice says:

    Bitch listen goku cant even defeat second gear Luffy in a saiyan mode and Law will be able to kill goku ya know

  18. Mekhfi Farid says:

    Link Goku please

  19. Quartex Games says:

    Luffy can have a tail if he want

  20. Chinguun Chinguun says:

    Goku win ultra to download migen game

  21. Le Lam says:

    Is i real game or just video?

  22. toi nguyen says:

    Goku nolmar kill Luffy gear 10 with 1 finger

  23. Damdinsuren Donoi says:

    Лүфи урагшаа

  24. divyajyoti singh garbyal says:

    Ssj3 is too op for luffy

  25. you bou says:

    hacki des rois vs coup du dragon

  26. P. G.P says:

    pooooo shitttttt

  27. KILLAH says:

    هي العبة على الجوال

  28. phan thắng says:

    Tro j vay

  29. lép 2 lưng says:

    Link game

  30. محمد الملكي says:


  31. minecraft gaming says:

    game name ?

  32. SADENPY says:

    Luffy link plz

  33. Trang Nguyen says:

    goku tóc xanh đâu, không có quá gà

  34. Zeno Sama says:

    Goku Win

  35. mirco gilioli says:

    What is your name game?

  36. mirco gilioli says:

    Come si chiama il gioco?

  37. Color Gamer says:

    Goku is stronger than luffy

  38. phu hoang says:

    <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  39. Renato Jesus Sanga Cusimayta says:

    Nunca pelearon

  40. BARTOL CHERRY says:

    this is posibe battle in this movie where goku ssj3 cant beat stupid something XD

  41. Gatto Kosmico says:

    Good video

  42. Junki 90 says:

    You dont have a Friends for play?

  43. Shin Fansub Channel says:

    What is game ???

  44. Dope K Luffy09 says:

    what game is this?

  45. Denin says:

    What's the game called and for what is it?

  46. CXIV'TH king says:

    Guys dragon ball plays with planets and space

  47. TEKAS TEKAS says:

    C koi comme jeux

  48. rolande ndtungu says:


  49. 炎魂&Flaming Soul says:

    he was playing by him self xD

  50. Michael Summers says:

    are you joking luffy would beat go kurdistan he can take the souls of thousands of beings and he is the son of a ledgendary warrior and he's the future pirate king

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