Let's Play Bridge It – 03 (Boom Boom, Shake Dat Bridge, Undercarraige, Sweetsauce)

GAPS! QUICK?! WHAT DO WE DO!??! Bridge them?

Bridge It is made by the good folks over at Chronic Logic:

Check them out and the cool stuff they’re working on!

Nguồn: https://dinhk.net/

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32 Responses

  1. Austin Wood says:

    Amazing. XD

  2. ryannayr140 says:

    If only you were allowed to use suspension cables on the second one…

  3. Ekidna2000 says:

    I frickin' loved 3:30 xD i almost peed myself from laugher xD

  4. jack dler says:

    all you bridges are totale fucked up but i like your sound men 

  5. TamerOfTheCats says:

    You sound like Morgan freeman

  6. xaiber16 says:

    fuck google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jesse Watson says:

    nasa is still trying to translate this ancient alien language after 30 years

  8. ArtyDogLover says:

    9:06 FACT

  9. * You deployed the dog says:


  10. CP Cardiff says:

    theres a train game called trainz 12 and its made by auran..
    thats why there are trains only

  11. Ste fan says:

    what ist the serial key??? please

  12. MrHamof says:

    Why didn't you make the road itself out of heavy steel? Am I missing something here?

  13. Tommy Andersson says:

    You must be new to retarded comments.

  14. ManWithoutAPlan says:

    its kinda scary how much you sound like my friends dad

  15. Edna Baker says:

    In that case…..
    *throws a glass of water at my computer*

  16. Lacarth Cinclair says:

    After he got the new one, he came back to the video and posted the comment…

  17. realnootieandtootie says:

    your my bridge fan!

  18. Justin Nekos says:

    How much is the game?

  19. Bobby Andson says:

    then how did u type that one

  20. Mansen says:

    Points for originality – though deducted again for not making any sense.

  21. Mansen says:

    Who invited you? Yeah I thought not.

  22. BetterBite says:


  23. lygophile says:

    no, you do.

  24. Mansen says:

    You fail at intentional sarcasmisc tribulations and trials pilot guy petersen.

  25. lygophile says:

    lol…because i broke off a sentence without completing it? that doesn't seem like a very horrible grammar misuse.

    in fact, your "much about as much" is a lot worse. hypocrite.

  26. Mansen says:

    His shapes much about as much sense as your horrible sentence structure. Don't you get…

  27. Emīls Murziņš says:

    at least you don't have a lap top

  28. Snake74147 says:

    after 5 min, i have to stop looking u – so much crap and so noobig…. sry but…

  29. Patrick Reynolds says:

    Awesome voice I love your personality

  30. old_marine says:

    that vas big vors

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