Kennen Visual Effect Update – All Skins Comparison | League Of Legends

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Time Stamps:
00:03 – Blood Moon Kennen
02:16 – Super Kennen
04:27 – Classic Kennen
06:39 – Deadly Kennen
08:50 – Swamp Master Kennen
11:03 – Karate Kennen
13:14 – Kennen M.D
15:26 – Arctic Ops Kennen

Top/Left New, Bottom/Right Old.

All the Kennen skins received some form of visual effect update so this comparison video will easily let you see the update.


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30 Responses

  1. are you choking? says:

    Don't get why people complain about his new E animation. It looks more smoother and more visually appealing to me with all added aesthetics and stuffs, plus the hitbox is now visible. The only downside of this upgrade is the lack of sparks after his W.

  2. Sporty says:

    i miss the old kennen 🙁

  3. Jeremy Tighe says:

    To be frank, the old lightning effects on the ult were better.

  4. Jonxx says:

    Lol, I've thought the one on the bottom was the upgrade, I read description it's the other way around. It just looked better, you could actually see electricity arcs instead of blue blobs. That's not to say new ones look completely bad, ideally it would be mix of both styles.

  5. 2DarK4Meave MV says:

    I kinda like the old effects tho

  6. Kim승연 says:

    Atleast give his E an animation… E Q looks like its coming out of his mouth…..

  7. ok bloomer says:

    New one is a lot better.

  8. Jason Yanes says:

    wish they rework him a little to look more like his arctic ops skin with the little tuft of hair showing, so he looks more like a yordle like Poppy, Lulu or Tristana and less like a dressed up hamster

  9. Oli K says:

    this or blood moon?

  10. JB Drawsz says:


  11. Leon Sad Long says:

    Am I blind or it is just the Q and E change? I barely see the difference between the W and the Ult for the blood moon one..

  12. L. E. says:

    Deadly kennen skin is stupid, the shuriken he throws is different color than the one he is holding.

  13. Carl Naredo says:

    About time

  14. hornviper92 says:

    Kennen's new E is so trash that I will stop play him permanently… Good job ruining another champ, keep the "good" work, while there are so many other champs in need of updates!

  15. Alex Zhang says:

    Before you judge can people actually play him first. This update is great the auto and q animations are better and he just feels better to play.

  16. Amiel says:

    Kennen was my main back in 2011. I retired in 2015. I find his new animation to be so cartoonish. His Lightning Rush looks stupid. He doesn't fly, he rushes. Also, his Slicing Maelstrom looked way better before the update. Very disappointed that my little guy's animation sequence took a nerf.

    I have all the skins on Kennen. My favourite would be the Swamp Master.
    Also, I peaked at Diamond V by only playing Kennen. I was mainly stuck in Platinium.
    My fondest memory of playing Kennen was when Fizz came out and I had an absolute blast fighting against Fizz players.
    Most unfavourable match for Kennen back then would be either Kassadin or Leblanc. Both had silence and nullifies Kennen.

    I was ranked 2nd in NA as a Kennen main. 13th in the World. Keep in mind this was back in 2011.
    Most Kennen games played in a single season for me would be I think S3 which I played over 10 000 games as Kennen in rank.

    My username was Little Shinobi.

  17. Elvis Wang says:

    I swear this dude is a ninja, not a flying fucking rat. Riot disappoints me every time they do a rework on shit.

  18. FreekyPower says:

    the new e looks 1000000000000 times worse

  19. Life Essence says:

    Old one was better, where's the lightning now?

  20. Deez Nuts says:

    W effect nerfed :'(

  21. anthonio spurs says:

    Why does the first one look the same??

  22. kim tete says:

    aww, i loved the lightning in the old kennen 🙁

  23. Tess Blake says:

    His ult is not looking like in Awaken, so this revork did not meet expectations

  24. Anonimustar Universe says:

    I prefer the old e of kenen is the full elictricity

  25. isaiah bravo says:

    can they fix his eyes though. it looks so 2d still after how many years

  26. DNVoxxis says:

    Pls just give kennen a Legendary Skin…or atleast even a 1350 Skin would be cool. Kennen is just forgotten like he looks so fucking badass and is such an enjoyable champ, yet riot dont care

  27. Javy Natarén says:

    Blood moon I though top was the old and bottom was the new one HAHAHA

  28. Jumpscare Rodent says:

    FYI they updated this again now his e doesn’t look as wack

  29. Geronimo Colaciatti says:

    Downgrade, nice.

  30. Geronimo Colaciatti says:

    Mds mataram o E dele.

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