Jump Force – Online Gameplay (Goku Naruto Luffy vs Luffy Rukia Toguro CBT PS4)

Jump Force – Goku Naruto Luffy vs Luffy Rukia Toguro Online Gameplay from the Closed Beta 1 on PS4 in October

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20 Responses

  1. EJ Vista says:

    Y'all its in your eyes. It's your slow brains that keeps you from processing all of thats happening

  2. nick markins says:

    why does the amount of super meter you have not go down after you perform a tailed beast bomb?

  3. Junpei Animates says:

    God My eyes need to blink so many times to handle this!

  4. Junpei Animates says:

    I wish this was for switch as a port!

  5. Junpei Animates says:

    Rwby for Jump force!!

  6. Dante Kurogane says:

    That last Tailed Beast Bomb on Rukia interrupt made me want this game a lot more knowing there's a weeb style in this shit

    or there already is )))

  7. Travotski says:

    Guess I won't be playing tekken anymore.

  8. Nikhil Sharma says:

    how can this game run on console

  9. Elias says:

    Wow, people complain about everything.

  10. Dexter Saavedra says:

    Where is toriko

  11. Trust says:

    i could see everything idk what you guys are talking about

  12. CoreTheG says:

    The game looks amazing but it really is flashy! Can't see everything

  13. Nathan Neutralize says:

    Holy Jesus it's on ps4

  14. Evren says:

    This is looking bad oof

  15. Jampiere Cintron says:

    I cant see shit its too flashy and i could not find the fx's for the supers and specials they are silent

  16. telly diana dayondon says:

    The effects is outstanding but man before we play this we need 100 eyes to that…so ill past i only have 2.

  17. Kevin Nguyen says:

    Hopefully they increase the resolution (and frame rate of course) by release.

    It was pretty blurry on the ps4 pro, but that was hopefully due to just being the beta build. Didn't get to see what the xbox one x version looks like.

  18. Totzkie Dotz Sukarap says:

    Rukua have bankai ?

  19. TheSuedeLoaf says:

    People saying this game has good graphics have no idea what they're on about. There's a clear attention to detail in the character models and special moves but that's exactly it…everything is too much. Particle effects make it hard to see whats happening. The frame drops are laughable too.

    And having anime characters duke it out in a realistic-looking setting just make the characters look stiff, ugly and out of place. Detailed graphics mean nothing if there isn't a good art/aesthetic direction to move forward with.

    Combat looks boring af too, this is basically Ninja Storm but with a crossover roster. This game is a hard pass for me.

  20. God's God says:

    I'm glad this game actually looks like it has pretty solid gameplay mechanics, too many Jump games have been far too monotonous… endless spam combos are not the way to go

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