IVF MIX-UP LAWSUIT: Family forced to give up twins after wrong embryo implants

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29 Responses

  1. william terry says:

    How about stop playing god. People that do IVF are selfish pos.

  2. Summer Jordan says:

    It says twins but I understand there's one baby?

  3. apple somoza says:

    this is so unfortunate for all the 3 families involved. They should be compensated for emotional damage. I feel for all families. The company should be held liable.

  4. Blanca Reyna says:

    This is immoral their her baby’s, don’t they say it’s immoral to separate family. So the law only applies to Americans not to illegals it’s BS.

  5. Gorge Realtor Bear says:

    Lady you are not caucasian…Please!

  6. motherlove says:

    Tragic on so many levels…. just because we can do this doesn't make it right. That's a major drawback of science. Lacks ETHICS just like MOST people in general.

  7. Sophie Sadeghi says:

    The fact is that the mother wasn’t able to get pregnant with or without IVF. Instead of being happy about having a healthy boy, just look at her: she’s crying and suing the company. That’s all for the money 💰

  8. Joy Harrison says:

    At least she has a baby. The other woman carried two babies and has ended up with none.

  9. LangBellsChannel says:

    This is why it should be illegal.

  10. Scones says:

    IVF 'Specialists' are playing God. This is evil pure and simple. Many many lives are destroyed forever because of this science. One of the most heartbreaking things is the unused embryos, frozen forever in purgatory, not fully alive but not dead either, suplus to requirements, then eventually thrown away like trash. Just because we CAN do something, doesn't mean we SHOULD. Accepting lifes disappointments and challenges is all part of the journey. If you can't have children, accept it and find other ways to live a fulfilling life.

  11. Jacob The machine says:

    Skin on skin contact creepy

  12. Jacob The machine says:

    That’s cool 😎

  13. No worries Mate says:

    Um half his half her’s. 🤪

  14. No worries Mate says:

    BIG lawsuits coming soon!!

  15. Leona Leone says:

    That company needs to be sued by both parties for every dime & put out of business! Period! Carrying the baby that baby’s first bonding! Not fair to the baby, IMO! So painful for both Sets of Parents!

  16. Phyllis Lot says:

    Now we refer to the embryo as a child but when they want to abort the child it is called a fetus. Craziest world! The embryo is always a child. Abortion is murder! This crap should be against the law. God decides if we have a baby or not. People are trying to be God. Come quickly Jesus.

  17. lisa feck says:

    Incredible story. It would have been far better if the company had been very upfront from the beginning. If they had behaved as if they cared that they royally messed up, apologetic or something. Laughing it off, and cutting communication just adds insult to injury. From this press conference, it seems to me, the company showed amazing disregard for how all their "misconduct" drastically impacted all these families, and would continue to impact them, probably for a life time.

  18. belle says:

    I"m with the Mother! > I hope she doesn't Have Any more children out there. Please God No.

  19. Jami B says:

    Maybe you would feel better, if you knew for sure that the other babies (embryos) ended up in the garbage can. Not much sympathy here for ivf clients. Many die, so that fewer can live.

  20. 1PatrioticBitch says:

    What was that? Question- What was the toughest part n the lawyer does some jaw rub like be careful what u say here.

  21. belle says:

    Barren women should not mix children in a petri dish. God made you Barren for a reason.

  22. 1PatrioticBitch says:

    This is a super screwed up and heartbreaking situation. I can see both sides. One mother thought it was her child, carried the baby n sounds like she took care of the child since birth. Not like she willingly signed up to be a surrogate. So to rip the child away is not right. Yet at the same time it's not fair to the other women either. For me with each of my 5 kids, the bond started the second I found out I was pregnant. Yet biological the baby is someone else's m she didn't sign up to donate her embryo. Heartbreaking for both sets of parents. I sure hope all works out for them all. But honestly this women here was asked what she wants out of this SHE never said MY SON. N yes she was robbed of that bond but the other woman and the child have that bond. This stuff would not happen if things were just left up to God not Science n I know I will get hate for this comment but I don't care this is my personal opinion.

  23. jeffwads says:

    The sound is off sync. Nice job.

  24. Sugar Shine says:

    Medical science can be a wonderful thing but it also takes us down some very uncharted territories like this. watching this is just ripping at my heartstrings cuz I'm a mom and I could not even imagine the hell this must be for these people. And it just seems very preventable. But what do I know, not much on this subject

  25. Heart2HeartBooks says:

    Asian couple after birth of baby:"Wah teh fark…baby no have fucin zhippa head! Motha faka this is white baby! Wah teh fark~

  26. Heart2HeartBooks says:

    The HUGE Elephant in the room
    50 million babies have been aborted!

  27. Ben Mcneil says:

    If she gave birth to them they're hers, wrong embryo or not. You just don't stop loving a child because a company made a mistake. I say it's time for this company to be shut down

  28. Channel 473 says:

    All these people is crazy

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