Is R.J. Barrett A Franchise Player? | Tiki + Tierney

Tiki and Tierney discuss whether R.J. Barrett is the best pick for the New York Knicks.


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7 Responses

  1. Someguy McGee says:

    Absolutely. I also believe he will win Rookie Of The Year. He's as good as it gets

  2. Pretty Ahki says:

    Yes he is MF and he will prove it! Let’s go RJ Let’s go Knicks!🗽🏀NYK

  3. Jeremy Maynard says:

    Great video…btw…no need to change the arc…remember Sam Perkins? No arc great 3 point shooter…the answer is always do what works best consistently…Al Horford's shot is flat and ugly but effecient and clutch…just a thought

  4. zion should refuse to play for pelicans #getoutNO says:

    no he's not. please knicks trade him for zion and of course other players? pelicans are worse

  5. Brock Mak says:

    3:33 Original video The update on him launching from 30+ feet.

  6. Gang time says:

    Rj does not want to be a pelicans he wants to be his own guy not the media thinking he is robin but he is Batman

  7. C Clem says:

    Aahahahahahahahahahahahah . TIKI….. NICE SUPER BOWL RING……….. AAAAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa , You couldnt pick your NOSE…….. ahahahahahahahahahahaha…… NICE RING……….

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