iOS 13 – New QuickPath Typing Keyboard

iPhone 11 cameras video:

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Here is iOS 13 beta running on an iPhone XS Max showcasing the new QuickPath keyboard functionality which lets you swipe (swype) over the letters to spell out words with the built-in keyboard on your phone.


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30 Responses

  1. Should I Get It Reviews says: New video about the iPhone 11 cameras! Super wide is the new best thing

  2. Leng Lang says:

    how to get this? mine is iphone 7+ ios 13.1.3 thanks

  3. cookiebaby says:

    I’m getting the hang of it lol I’m using it right now to… pretty cool

  4. M locascio says:

    After practicing with this keyboard, I have determined that it's just faster not to use it. But it's fun trying, and I guess it's good for people who type with one hand. I can't because my case covers one side of my phone.

  5. Andrea Zapata says:

    I have iPhone xr with iOS 13.1.2 and I don't have this option on my phone. My iPhone 8 has it tho and they are on the same iOS I don't get it

  6. Phú Cung Trần says:

    I saw some people have their keyboard hidden on the iPhone, it's like they are typing without even looking at the letters. Do you know how to set this feature up?

  7. Crispy Cream says:

    I just want to type a comment while using the new keyboard lol

  8. Al Bes says:

    I don’t like the big space at the bottom of the screen on the new keyboard

  9. Ajmal Khan says:

    Let me see how this new keyboard

  10. Emma Mathilde says:

    My phone fell on stone ground today and I thought it’s broken lol

  11. Ali B. says:

    I actually really like it

    I’m using it rn tbh…

  12. Joshua Miller says:

    It sucks lol. Gboard has a FAR more accurate swipe typing feature.

  13. Nazimuddin Ar says:

    Typed this using iPhone iOS 13 swipe keyboard. It is really cool.

  14. Hi ITS ME says:

    I’m currently using it while I’m typing this and it’s really weird lmao it’s all about autocorrect because I sometimes miss the letters and this actually works pretty well

  15. Hi ITS ME says:

    I can’t get used to it

  16. ActingLikeABoss says:

    Just to clear some things up, the first swiping keyboard (Swype) was first founded in 2002 but not featured on a phone until March 22, 2010 on the Samsung Omnia 2.

  17. Espen says:

    It only works in some languages:((

  18. issatr4p says:

    samsung has had this technology for years, wow, so innovative apple

  19. Lyna Hussein says:


  20. Tanya Sam says:

    Writing this comment while doing this


  21. Elay Shmul says:

    it does'nt work

  22. LegendaryGamer1337 says:

    Hello I’m a people not a person haha you guys are all noobs get rekt people

  23. Eldren Vergara says:

    it's only convenient to some select languages but still nice to have when browsing U.S. websites

  24. dogeii says:

    Do you know how to fix the gap between the space bar and end of phone on the keyboard?

  25. Shinugar BM says:

    how can i disable auto correction on iphone

  26. Antônio Caldas says:

    Ok, but how do i turn it off? It's so annoying

  27. MooseMan says:

    Me with a Samsung phone have had this feature for a while now…

  28. K.C says:

    Thank you for the stolen Samsung technology!
    The only thing apple was missing

  29. Olando Anônimo says:

    How do you get the keyboard back to how it was before. I hate moving curser. I like the magnifier glass when you move the curser.

  30. ItsME Israel says:

    How did you get dark keyboard?

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