Install HP Laserjet 1010 series drivers for Win7 Win8 Win10 & fix dot4 usb port issue

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This video will address commonly reported issues like
(i) Dot4 usb port not found.
(ii) PCL5 driver not found.
(iii) Prints the page with text, “Unsupported Personality PCLXL”.


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15 Responses

  1. Cheryl Lewis says:

    thanks a million!!!!

  2. Irsath J says:

    I'm install… but print paper pages is blank

  3. le bibliobus says:

    super, j'ai réussi grâce à ta vidéo. merci ! top !

  4. สร้อยวาริน นิธโยธาน says:

    Many Thanks

  5. Kalin Gergov says:

    That dot4 thigs was the key… thank you sir !

  6. Spunk TM says:

    Well done man , thank you !!

  7. yogesh sahu says:


  8. Glucose says:

    Thank you!!

  9. Usama Khawaja says:

    Thank you so much it was very informative video.It helped me alot …thanks once again

  10. Cocina con Omm Tarik says:

    muchas gracias , me funcionó perfectamente

  11. Rania Helmy says:

    Many thanks 🙂

  12. Ehtisham Safdar says:

    My printer connected to dot 4 port but that port is not listed in the list of local ports. Although I installed the dot464 file first

  13. Mauro y los Pichiruchis says:

    it works. thanks!

  14. Best's TechyTips says:


  15. DefalDonut says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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