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Hi my crystal fam! ♡
Did you miss my hauls? Here’s a super big one para magsawa na kayo HAHAHA. Did you like anything from this haul? Comment down below!


Prices change daily.

Angel Skirt –

Daddy Top –

Stassie Dress –

Plaid Pants –

Backless Button Down –

Backless Top –

Red Skirt –

Black T-shirt –

Black Romper –

2 Piece Biker Shorts Set –

Leopard Dress –

Zipper Crop Top –

Nude Bodysuit –

Dragon Bodysuit –

LINK TO DUNEA’S SHOP: shopee.ph/djwadolf.ph

Love and kisses,
Queen C.

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What do you use to film your videos?
– iPhone XS Max
Editing software/program?
Background Music?
-Music by Prod. Riddiman on YT
Where are you from?
-Davao! ♡
Where do you get your nails done?
-I do them myself. I have my own nail business.

source: https://dinhk.net/

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39 Responses

  1. Sam Reys says:

    And also ella

  2. Sam Reys says:

    U kinda look like and vibe like nailea, love youuuu

  3. V-abe says:

    Can you do a makeup tutorial with your look on this video? 🥺 Because it looks bomb ✨

  4. Ina Samson says:

    Love your hauls forevs 💗

  5. Queen B. says:

    where did you bought your denim jacket?

  6. Gabbie Cruz says:

    Can u please include the total amount u spent on the haul on ur nxt vids xoxo!

  7. samantha malto says:

    Aaahhh iluvu

  8. Praim Rozie says:

    Hi Ate, my cousin is your classmate and yeah I'm watching your vlogs na. God bless pooo

  9. Alliah Larazo says:

    Kamuka mo po si Ashley

  10. kylielibrando says:

    how long did it arrived? ☺️

  11. It’s Larra says:

    Video about your nails please

  12. Eloise Jaidee says:

    Congrats to your channel, it's growing so fast ❤️😍 Deserve it! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  13. Francis Ann says:

    Can you do a vlog wherein you're only speaking bisaya? Hehehe by the way new subscriber here, been binge watching all your videos and I'm also a bisaya 😊😊😊 Lovelots to you 💕

  14. Kaye Eliese Sagmit says:

    omgg im from davao as well hope to see youuuu

  15. Shairine Castro Gregorio says:

    Winner !!! Ang wild mamsh !! Slayyyyyy

  16. Marianne Romagosa says:

    More haul!!!! Cute mo talaga hahaha☺🧡ganda pala!!! Hahaha

  17. xx Hui min says:

    I want more shopeehaull

  18. Ashley Nicole says:

    Pang-ilang beses ko na ‘tong pinapanood pero AAaaAaAahHhHhHh,,, ganda talaga!

  19. h zt says:

    Ang tagal ng intro shet

  20. Imy Imy says:

    what did u wear under the leopard print dress??? i want one but i dont know what to wear under

  21. G Patrick says:

    can u pls pls do a video on how u do ur nails 🥺 lub u

  22. Persia May Diana says:

    Ate nag iskwela paka? Newww palang ko pero love kay nako imong try on haul 💗💗

  23. marot m says:

    Love ur confidence makes me wanna wear clothes i actually wanna wear☹️

  24. yanni villaescusa says:

    she kinda looks like lily chee

  25. allyah martin says:

    So pretty😍 my new fave YouTuber na talaga hahah😍😂

  26. Byun Yeol says:

    Luv u ghorl!!❤

  27. Lexi Mahone says:

    omg you’re monetized na pala!!! congrats!!!

  28. Krizza Ysabel says:


  29. Yingying says:

    Ano po size ng plaid pants nyo

  30. Misha Mara says:

    bet nako ang nails ❤️

  31. Aj Imbat says:

    3:01 start

  32. Glycerine Jamila says:

    imy!!!! 💕💕

  33. oh no bella says:

    the way she said scandalous SENDS GAKSKSJSKKSKSK i LOV U

  34. Ajwildfares says:

    Cant find the link for the top on 6:58 :(((

  35. yoshiPotats says:

    What shop did you get your conch pierced? Love it!

  36. Marife Deligos says:

    new queen of haul!!!!! 😍

  37. Elaine Aala says:

    ur soo beautiful!!❤️

  38. cry baby says:

    huhuhu hope i can pull off one of those too :(( i'm chubby eh and may bilbil sana all payat 😩❤️

  39. Sushi Jammm says:

    hello i love your body

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