“I Spent My Whole Life In Prison”

Some criminals convicted are sentenced to several life sentences, but how long do they actually spend behind bars? In today’s educational cartoon we are looking at which prisoners have actually served the longest sentence in jail.

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33 Responses

  1. The Infographics Show says:

    After spending 50,60+ years locked up, what can you do to pass time? 🤪

  2. Jeanie Jones says:

    The maximum amount of time someone should be allowed to spend in prison is 100 years and Only for murderers because that is the amount of time that murderers are in prison in Ohio.
    If they are still alive they are executed.

  3. Clayton Benignus says:

    Some inmates actually like prison. You get free food, medical attention, and lodging. There are few expectations of you. You get through life with minimal effort. This is ideal for someone unwilling or incapable of contributing anything in society.

    Life in Jail is something that some have freely chosen. It is easy to spend your life in prison if you want to. When released, they would do something harmless but illegal to get back in like drinking the liquor in a liquor store and refusing to pay. Just wait for a cop to take you back. Then you can sabotage you defense at trial, insulting the Judge to get some Contempt time, and you’re all set for a couple more years.

  4. M W. says:

    The prison system is so broken.

  5. Chaud314231 says:

    Is the guy controlling the camera okay

  6. Ricky Davis says:

    Why come prisoners live longer in prison make me wonder sometimes

  7. Jakejdjmdj Heuahdhejehjen says:

    Ona man was born in prison and has been for his entire life

  8. Salvy xx Ngala says:

    Find it seriously funny (sarcastically) most of them are black males😂the judicial system really hates black folks, and how a two boys the same age were convicted but the person who actually KILLED someone got mercy from the jury😂

  9. Gacha_Clumsy says:

    The edits actually make me mad a little

  10. Blueblazer 115 says:

    The longest time people have been is jail is for life
    (If your under 7- I can tell you what Life means when you stalk about it if your talking about jail
    It means forever

  11. Wilmer Wåhlander says:

    7:19 nice

  12. johneygd says:

    Wow 70 years so despite there were 2 world wars during that time, he saw no oppertunity to ever escape.

  13. Weary Playz says:

    “There was a guy that is white”
    His name is James BROWN

    Me: wait that is illegal

  14. phoenix kerapa says:

    My stepdad dad spent 98 years in sentence and still survived


    First Name
    2 John
    1 Paul
    1 Francis
    1 Charles
    John cena Won!

  16. Palmerrip says:

    Commit the crime do the time. I also think that criminals should also be first drafted into any war info fodder units. One way to keep prisons cleared out.

  17. Malaika says:

    Number 1: Florida man.

  18. わたしわまだひらがなおがくしうしています says:


  19. Bren Rhodes says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! WEAR SHOULD!!!!!!!!

  20. Cheese Game says:

    Everything’s gonna beeee alright

  21. GD 2W10 says:

    I saw a shop kick ad and saw the actor who played mantis in the mcu

  22. Riell Marvel says:


  23. Jonas Clausen says:

    Roy pretty boy Shaw is there

  24. DesGreySkry says:

    I'm now 15 and I spent 11 years on school.

  25. Harry Macdonald says:

    Most times of crime on the list were before my great grandparents 😳

  26. DaFonz29 says:

    If you take someone's life your life should be taken. Excluding accidents. Rapists should be neutered/ spayed and given a long sentence

  27. James Lu says:

    their suold be a limd for jial like 30 or 40 years

  28. stanley bik says:

    1:55 guess he got karma from Brown by the Bite of 87

  29. American guy says:

    We should change all life imprisonment sentences to death due to death penalties are better than dealing with people that escape prison and commit more crimes.

  30. ColinR says:

    69 years in prison, nice

  31. Noob Gamer says:

    Amyone watching 2019?

  32. Whattheheck Gaming says:

    69 years in prison 🤷‍♂️

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