I Made A New Minecraft Survival World… (#1)

Welcome to the new survival series oh boyyyy
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Shaders are Sildur’s Enhanced Default

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klozure – mania
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Thanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated 🙂

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38 Responses

  1. Nerdman73 says:

    Yeah, but what shaders are you using

  2. Candy Popcorn says:

    Buddy u clearly don,t know what a idiot is at least you know how to make a pic ax and a ax or a crafting table but me no no no i rely on the cheating and looking at the recipes i did not even know that you had to do that until i started watching YouTube!!!

  3. Kazuto_kirigaya_2004 says:

    Mojang made it so much harder finding a good cave

  4. GAforts Olama68 and Noonecares21311j says:

    Don’t tell Denis this but ur better then him

  5. Gary Gritmacker says:

    Captain sparkles merry Christmas

  6. Luna fluffball says:

    Am I the only one who came here from the odd ones out?

  7. Logan Fisher says:

    Does anybody know the seed for this world?

  8. A Boring Guy says:

    D I S C O M B O B U L A T E

  9. Aaron Whitehead says:

    Haven’t watched anything from you since your original survival series. Felt nostalgic and searched “CaptainSparklez survival” and was pleasantly surprised to see this new series. I’ll definitely be watching all just like back in the day!

  10. hwhizmw2 says:

    I unsubscribed to your channel about two years. I was there from roughly 100k subs. I quit watching because you stopped doing let’s plays like this. Some of the best was skyblock survival and the original survival and modded survival. I remember when your base got pimped by another channel when they redid the treehouse base. Long live jerry the slime.

  11. Tom Batrouney says:

    This is the first non music video of yours I've watched in like 5 years! It's good to be back

  12. Ex4mp1e says:

    Okay. I just stumbled upon this and new I feel like I'm 14 again. lol

  13. Thunderstorm says:

    20:28 "skylands floating kinda islands"

  14. PYCRAFTOSX says:

    6:02 that is a shipwreck!!!

  15. yeahokcas says:

    I’m rewatching this again and I’ve just literally been waiting for another one of these series again. I’ve been watching them since day one and I’ve loved them ever since. Thank you, Jardon.

  16. Ninjax says:

    Creeper… oh oh oh uhh nvm

  17. cruickersss says:

    u missed shipwreck at start

  18. Tarik Spencer says:

    I think you should build a stable

  19. Braydon Playz says:

    I really liked this episode so you earned a sub keep up the great content

  20. Rebel Friend says:

    Jordan: “We’ll even do the old axe, just to have em all dude, just to have em all.”

    Hoes: Am I a joke to you?

  21. Mobile God says:

    My face when i saw that chest: 💩💩

  22. Eryk Steele says:

    He’s probably so sick of the Revenge jokes, I’m dissapointed we aren’t referencing TNT and Fallen Kingdom, being an old soul, TNT was my first minecraft parody, god I feel old.

    I was told once life is about changing.
    But CaptainSparklez has been my OG minecraft let’s player, even before Yogscast, and everyone else. i’m so glad to see him making Minecraft videos still. It’s nice to be back to something consistent.

  23. JJBA fan 101 lol says:

    Crapur eww min-scuffed version of creeper awe man

  24. Strawberry Lemonade says:

    So like….I waited 2 months to watch this purely so I can binge it. Jardon I'm so happy you're playing minecraft again!!!!

  25. Spetnaz23 says:

    That's some French Cave, they decide to stop working and go do a "worker strike" in the streets.

  26. Lauren Laughlin says:

    I'm not a vegetarian, but when he was killing stuff, a single year escaped my eyeball

  27. Jotaro7642 says:

    "So were back in the mine got our pickaxe swinging from side to side side, side to side. This task, a grueling one, hoping find some diamonds tonight night night diamonds tonight…

  28. KB878 says:

    Creeper Aw Man Achievement Get!

  29. KB878 says:

    What is the link for that texture pack…

    I need it.

  30. Cøzy says:

    Thanks Albert

  31. E9HAN says:

    I watched the entire original survival series when i was in middle school in 2012, And here we are again

  32. Hope Sniopes says:

    We needa series where Jordan just goes camping and skateboarding…. And other things from his childhood. I'd love that.

  33. Hope Sniopes says:

    I love how I just watched his most recent episode (22) and he had a bunch of pigs killed, almost 200, and is so sad. It hit me when he killed a pig first on the series and said we'll remember you…

  34. Amanda Taylor says:

    Wont you be my neighbor 😉

  35. Desirxble Lxve says:

    i can’t believe this he’s so much cuter why the fuck haven’t i watched him in a year..

  36. FauxMinecraft78 Forlife says:


  37. Caleb Korthals says:

    I want the old hella modded survivals with jerry tree 🙁 bring it backkkkkk

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