How to Use: Skype Mobile

VERSION 8.3 !!!!!
A very basic tutorial on How to use skype mobile . As of August 20, this is the latest version 8.3
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19 Responses

  1. funny stuff says:

    Where to skype recordings save to on mobile ?

  2. Camille V says:

    Its hard to use skype and also registing after that i dont know what to do

  3. MadDog says:

    Check your emails bro! (1,500) 😂

  4. DON'T MIND ME says:

    Next video: How to use Google Duo

  5. Lucyna Cebulak says:


  6. KAIBI says:

    How do you fullscreen your video call? I tried double tapping my video it doesn't work.

  7. sagar b says:

    Tq very much bro


    Does anyone know how to kick someone from Skype call

  9. castillelarkin says:

    Thanks for the vid! How do I save a phone number to my contacts? Thanks

  10. Jazz Royal says:

    How to connect with new people n how we can search id of them

  11. May Pascual says:

    Am i the only one who's having problems with adding a contact on skype? After typing in the contact details in the search field and tapping on the contact, there is no option to add the contact. How do i do it?

  12. AMGx_Gunnah says:

    Skype is so shitty

  13. saad aijaz says:

    Am I only one who finds Skype difficult

  14. Master Of Wind says:

    how disconnect from it

  15. Lola Heppenstall says:

    How do u change ur profile pic??

  16. Ian Licudine says:

    Please help…can't see the skype video once I used FB app…Skype still runs but the background video won't show…how to fix it? Thanks

  17. H Ali says:

    Simple and useful.

  18. S. MacLean says:

    Do you know how to get the options to set your Skype account to online, away, do not disturb, offline and invisible? I can't find it anywhere on the new version.

  19. __________________ says:

    Hi there! During calls, how do I remove the annoying bubble icon in front? Please help.

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