How to Tame and Ride the ENDER DRAGON in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) – Coded Addon in MCPE

OMG! THIS IS HOW TO TAME THE ENDER DRAGON IN Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) / MCPE, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and Minecraft Java Edition!

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  1. Muhamad Rofi says:

    Ooww goot hoo are you

  2. eshachey 0911 says:


  3. Nasir Uddin says:


  4. sujal Chougale says:

    It's work bro u r champion

  5. SAUCE GOD says:

    I've always wanted to learn this thanks

  6. Nica Tlaca says:

    Hi I mexican

  7. Jocelyn Nemeño says:

    I support you and subsribe you!

  8. Aradhana Heeralal says:

    I tried but it flew and I just new how he did it addons or mods

  9. Y.corea Cora says:

    Is this can work in iPad

  10. DARK WIZARD says:


  11. Jhuztine Lushley Gines says:

    What mod is that

  12. game master says:


  13. Nicole Costello says:

    DeDe bro

  14. Jeorgie Tanjung Jaya says:

    The mod name is dragon mount how to get this mod? First,search mod installer for minecraft pe and then you click download ,second open the app and search the mod!!

  15. Mehul KS : Hindi Gaming says:

    give me your instrumants

  16. Ren Gaming says:

    What if they added it without addon?

  17. Ibnu Sitompul says:

    is that a mod? if it's not I'm trying it right now

  18. Tiny Butterfly says:

    Hey would you like to collaborate

  19. TheBlueGuy Z says:

    With wich App you cut your Videos sorry for my bad English

  20. D Uhhhuh says:

    I loved it i was very excited keep up the good work😀😁

  21. Euan gaming says:

    Noooo why mod

  22. Yumi Lamoste says:

    Their are mod in Minecraft

  23. ERNEIL Gaming says:

    3:41 haahhaa

  24. Chandu Suryavanshi says:

    I love

  25. Saritha Gokul says:

    Every time I make it it will never work

  26. Yash kumar says:

  27. Happy Hamster says:

    Who else checked the comments if it actually worked!?🤣

  28. Daniel Wibowo says:


  29. Porcia Bideau says:

    Why you did not tell us

  30. Bena Shier says:

    its not real

  31. Binod Dahal says:

    Okay it was a little good I could spawn the end of dragon i’m sorry I said that wrong but I cannot write on it but I still watch your videos

  32. Sapphire Wolf says:

    Lol this video….. can't even….🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:39 LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  33. hunted greninja says:

    0:41 is your life

  34. BG Phantom says:

    This is a some

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