How to set Live wallpaper on iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6S & 6S plus

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Live wallpaper is a cool new trend to customize your iPhone look. But using it can become a difficult task for some users. So here is an easy tutorial on how you can set live wallpaper on your iPhone 7, 7 plus, 6S & 6S plus.

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32 Responses

  1. Johnnie Jara says:

    Thanks dude it looks great

  2. Tariya Janeece says:

    Thank you it works for everyone saying there’s only
    Still and persepective
    There will be a arrow a little above the two on the right side press that and it will bring you to Live there’s only 3 options on 13.11 update but he did tell us all of the details

  3. Shqdow says:

    I have the wallpapers it's just that after i set it as my lock screen it didn't move or anything, it stayed still

  4. Chillietop says:

    I have only the three that everyone have. But they don’t move… and the Live Photo i hace won’t move either, even when I do everything right. Why is that?

  5. 「Xx Moonie dear」 says:

    I don’t have the option to “Live Wallpapers”… someone please tell me where to find the “3D touch” in settings cause I cannot find it.

  6. Eliza 1 says:

    Mine is not moving

  7. Jake says:

    I want a live wallpaper when i open the phone , the wallpaper will do something . I dont want to press the screen

  8. S A R A H says:

    9 I only have 3

  9. RAMMIDK says:

    I cant find live under wallpaper

  10. juan tapia says:

    i pressed hard on the screen and it worked

  11. The playing Girl says:


  12. Brian Thomas says:

    I’m at a loss. They don’t even move like my android live wallpapers. They still until you hit a button? I don’t understand the whole concept of live wallpaper with the iPhone platform.

  13. Alex Zubkov says:

    works only when you 3dtouch on screen ………. i don't get it

  14. GHOST DRAGON says:

    ألى الأمام

  15. Pyrodox NX says:

    Why am I here I'm android. I already have a live and tapping wallpaper

  16. Incentric says:

    Why are there so many Indian fakers

  17. Kianaliz Estevez says:

    This is not what I want 😩 I meant like a slide show or something

  18. Jassmina Vellucciano says:

    Not live wallpaper.

  19. Thinmint Can’t Do It says:

    How do I make my own live wallpaper

  20. Scott Nielsen says:

    I’m late but my live wallpaper only works while I’m in the lock screen. I don’t mind it but I just thought I’d throw it out

  21. And What About It? says:

    I’m using 6s plus and is not working…

  22. The Editor says:

    It not working I have a iPhone 8 not update tho

  23. Lolipop:3 XD says:

    Btw, I only have 3 Live wallpapers

  24. Miya Rosie says:

    It worked for me

  25. nay says:

    this not working i have an iphone 6 plus.

  26. Carson Wilkie says:

    There’s no live option

  27. Sara Moreno says:

    I only have still and dynamic so I can’t

  28. Horcu2011 says:

    This is fake . I tried and it doesn’t work.

  29. Cuppycake says:

    It doesn’t work in 6+ 😫

  30. Anthony Sylvester says:

    I only have 3 default live wallpapers on my 7plus

  31. Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

    Live wallpapers suck they only work on the lock screen and you have to press down to make them move. When is iPhone going to learn from android how to make cool features on the phone. Android had moving phone backgrounds in the home screen and lock screen and you don’t have to push down to make it move and stop. I wish I hadn’t got an iPhone. Android is so much more technologically advanced.

  32. Kawaii chicken-youtubewolf 1 says:

    Every one know that

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