How to Re-enable an Add-in that is Disabled or Missing

Is your add-in missing? Learn how to re-enable it with this step-by-step tutorial

Excel Add-ins can get disabled when Excel crashes. There is a Disabled Items window on the Excel Options, Add-ins menu that will allow you to re-enable or reactivate the add-ins that have been disabled.

Checkout my video on how to install an Excel add-in:

I also have an article with a step-by-step guide on how to install add-ins.

If this does NOT resolve the problem for you, then you might be impacted by an Office Security update that was released in July 2016 by Microsoft. Checkout this article for more details and instructions on how to fix it.

Please leave a comment below with any questions. Thanks!


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21 Responses

  1. Cynthia Chen says:

    The Excel add-in that disappeared on me actually did not appear in the Disabled Add-in list, and it wasn't in the Add-Ins checklist, however, in the Add-Ins checklist, I clicked Browse and found the file for my add-in. Then it appeared in the checklist and I could check it to enable it. Thank you for making this video! It helped me navigate to the Add-Ins checklist in the first place.

  2. Oscar Staszky says:

    It didn't work for my phstat add in. Are there any other options?

  3. Shahid Tufail says:


  4. jensen florenosos says:

    Hello, how to put an object it is not found above

  5. Manoj Jayasekara says:

    Hi may I know the reason of automatically remove of Add-Inn from the Excel.

  6. Shane says:

    This helped. Thank you kindly.

  7. Demondevil J says:

    This is very helpfull, Thank you.

  8. Vivek Joseph says:

    Could please share us the link to download the file for add in TAB

  9. Chalie Cutajar says:

    I cant find the Add comment when I use the right click

  10. Prasun Saha says:

    Dear Jon, You helped me a lot with this video. I had to enable again my Analysis Office that I was trying for many hours without asking any help from anybody. Your video only helped me. You rock! thank you so much for great help.

  11. Krishna S says:

    solver is causing problems in my excel every time i open it excel closes

  12. Edvardius says:

    Damn, that helped, thanks! 😀 In my case it was WPF plugin tested through VS debug mode.

  13. eMad AbuShaaban says:

    Excellent, thank you very helpful.

  14. Vinayak Patil says:

    I try this but don't activate add ins

  15. angelointerista says:


  16. Agnelo Tellis says:

    Thank you so very much brother! Helped mt big time!!!!!!!! I wish I could give more than one like!

  17. Thothathiri Sadagopan says:

    Crstal ball add in not working. can you help

  18. Fazreen Nasir says:

    Hi, can i know how to auto enable the add-in? It used to be open at startup before, now i need to enable it manually..

  19. Varsha Thomas says:

    Thankyou for this. Solved my problem!

  20. Wicak Sono says:

    why does slover on exel 2016 not work, even though it's been activated? there is a message when "click" ok macros are inactive or not installed? after being checked macros is already active? have a solution. thank you

  21. Angel says:

    Great tutotial. Thanks so much! I solved the problem!

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