How to make a group video call on Skype for iPhone

Our how-to videos will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Skype. Now, learn how to start a free group video call on Skype for iPhone.


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21 Responses

  1. Joel Almemdarez says:

    On the app store

  2. Kesha Kesha says:

    Thank you for this video! When I initiate a group call, what about other participants? Do they see only me on their screen or the entire group? Thanks!

  3. ossSeveri Huttunen says:


  4. Andrute Kaktina says:

    Loti jauki izskataties

  5. Paula christine Pallaske says:


  6. Lazarus Kris says:

    Up to how many people at the same time can it handle?

  7. Misty Winde says:

    Mine won't let me

  8. Davzpro 3 says:

    I cant

  9. Joyce Stewart says:

    love to do this idea

  10. Gazmend Veliji says:

    How many people can be in the group

  11. Jabir Suleiman says:

    safi sana bravo

  12. NegativeJayK LootyNive says:

    I'm very disappointed because a lot kids gonna be hyped for it lol

  13. Potassium says:

    Why it wont work when i choose the people i want ti call then i cant click the video call button

  14. Elena De Faria says:

    parler en français merci

  15. AthensStyle says:

    For Windows 10 mobile?

  16. Claudius Henrichs says:

    Great acting. Here's to the Academy Awards…

  17. Montpbm Crawford says:

    Can we get this on Windows 10 Mobile?!

  18. Wiktor Ogrodnik says:

    When on windows phone/mobile

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