How to install HP 1010 Printer on Windows 10 OS

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  1. niraj kr. Karapurkar says:

    Only tray 1 works for me. Tray 2 is not detected for hp 3050

  2. สร้อยวาริน นิธโยธาน says:

    I do not see DOT4_001 , How can i fix it?

  3. Hubert Gałowski says:

    What if i don't have on the list 3050 Series PCL 5e?

  4. Евгений Захаров says:

    Help me plz. I have not Dot 4 on list of existing port. What can I do?

  5. repulotaska says:

    infinite likes for you!!!!! how the hell did you figure this out????

  6. Anja Hudak says:


  7. Hesham ahmed says:

    I cannot find Dot4 or USB001

  8. Lokesh Raj Chaudhary says:

    Printer in an error state

  9. Mateusz Piotr says:

    Perfect solution for win 8.1 64 bit, thanks!

  10. Anne Rees says:

    Thank you! Your were more helpful than 🙂

  11. Mary Ann Curran says:

    Another big THANK YOU from me! I am already 71 years old and this was the one and only tutorial that helped me!!!! Just that I had to choose another printer instead: HP LaserJet 3050 PCL5.

  12. Þórhallur Árnason says:

    This works! – Just A-Mazing!

    Thank you Sir. Mr. Uploader-man 🙂

  13. Yustian prawira says:

    Thanks Dude, Perfect Solution !!

  14. CThienV says:

    great! thank you! you are the best

  15. Erwin Halmans says:

    Perfect solution! Thx very much!

  16. Private Noneofyourbusiness says:

    I did click the dot4 but after the windows update the 1010 doesn't appear in the list. The lowest one in the list is the 1018.

  17. Efe Aydal says:

    Thanks. It worked.

  18. Franco Accomazzo says:

    That worked. Thanks a lot

  19. Scheselnihar says:

    It did work for me, thanks!

  20. Predrag Pejic says:


  21. Robert Wajgel says:

    thanks man!

  22. Davood Morgan says:

    Thank you so much nixel. دمت گرم 🙂

  23. Mariam Kirakosyan says:

    Please Help me . It didnt worked

  24. Emircan KİREZ says:

    Thank you for help. İn this way, I had three printers.

  25. IRON Gaming says:

    Worked man , thank you 🙂 . i want to sel this printer because the win 10 .

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