How to install dotnet and bluestacks in windows xp

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Remember that .NET Framework 4.5 and later versions are not supported on Windows XP, but the older versions are supported.

Some one falls in trouble installing bluestacks in his windows xp operating system. Here I have given full hints here about installing.
He faced problem installing dotnet framework also. So I have given the full instruction of downloading and installing it.

Try according this video. You will be succeeded ingsha Allah…

Thanks for watching.
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38 Responses

  1. Banwari ojha says:

    Please make video with your voice

  2. Sid Rao says:

    when i go on bluestacks website and click download it says windows above 7 needed

  3. GAMEING TIME DK says:

    Tere ma ke chut me mera lund

  4. rishabh gupta says:

    link de dte

  5. timothais pervaiz says:

    bluestacks is not download win xp

  6. ĮŁĮĘŠ ;MØHĄMĘĐ says:

    i hate win xp do you have a trick to upgrade to win 8 free

  7. thereaper sorcered says:


  8. Krish Tech Tute says:

    not coming
    Thanks for downloading bluestacks

  9. Ricardo Moragull says:

    que tipo de internet explorer tienes

  10. Ulugbek Usmanov says:

    thanks very much

  11. Raymond Alexander says:

    Hi want to know the true secret keys for most popular programs. Enter in google as "101SecretKeys" there are really good number of cracks available here.

  12. satish kumar says:

    run or cencel ka option aata he only setup ka nhi aata sir koi or step batao

  13. Antonio Burton says:

    it says it needs about 2gb of ram to download it wont install.

  14. الزراعة says:


  15. GT DUET says:

    bluestacks 3 will work

  16. GT DUET says:

    bluestacks 3 will work

  17. Jagdesh Kalra says:

    Hey bro which computer you have

  18. El Sicario Jit. says:

    Dotnet version 2 link? pls

  19. prakhar agarwal says:


  20. Nomi Dogar says:

    i click the download but no download to dot net framework 3.5 offline installer please help me

  21. haider ali says:

    is ko install krny ky liye pc ki ram kitni honi chiye ??

  22. Muhammad junaid says:

    bht bht skria btny ka y b prmble slve ho gai

  23. Bruno Rocha says:

    thanks guy 😉 but i download the dotnet 4 and work!

  24. mohamed belkhdim says:

    tanks blustaks

  25. prashant saraswat says:

    bhai 3.5.1 version h enable bhi h but vo fir bhi install nhi ho rha

  26. PARVEEN KUMAR says:

    and ram capicity is 1gb

  27. PARVEEN KUMAR says:

    my computer having xp window, 1gb ram
    how to download bluestacks for my computer
    please tell me

  28. Anjam Arshad says:

    thanks for your help

  29. Tanvir Islam says:

    unable to install dotnet.can you help me?

  30. Klarens Gjeli says:

    1 ram downloaded

  31. darrick steele says:

    that is a good idea, i am going play me some space cadet!

  32. VinzCroz says:

    it's worked ty so much 🙂

  33. Yogita Pardeshi says:

    it is not work bluestack in windows xp

  34. atek digital says:

    I have installed Bluestacks 2 and i have 4.5 dotnet also the problem is after installing after choosing language English i cannot go next step because the screen flick or getting shaking not steady or not smooth working. I have 4Gb ram. Any solution

  35. RARII says:

    i try to open the file but it wont open

  36. Califlorida boy says:

    Ik it's late but it's so small I can't read WATS going on

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