How to fix SM Bus Controller driver problem in Windows 7 64 bit

How to fix ‘SM Bus Controller doesn’t have a driver’ problem in Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Are you getting yellow exclamation warning symbol over the SM Bus Controller shown under ‘Other devices’ in Device Manager. This mean, there is no driver installed for SM Bus Controller. When i started Troubleshooter, it failed to fix the driver problem and showing the message ‘SM Bus Controller doesn’t have a driver – not fixed’. From the SM Bus Controller properties window, the device status is mentioned as ‘The drivers for this device are not installed’ with error code 28. Also, the SM Bus Controller device isn’t using any resources because it has a problem.
Updating driver software failed and getting the message ‘Windows was unable to install SM Bus Controller. Windows could not find driver software for your device’.
Install Error for SM Bus Controller – There is no driver selected for the device information set or element. ‘E0000203’
Problem code is ‘0000001C’.
Solution: If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software. Here, i have fixed the issue by installing ‘Intel Chipset Device Software’, the file name is ‘SetupChipset.exe’.
Download link –
After solving this driver problem, your SM Bus Controller device will be shown under ‘System Devices’in Device Manager.


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  1. ben91 says:

    Didnt work for me

  2. akmt123 says:

    Cannot do it for my Windows XP… Help!!!!!

  3. A.M Kholid says:

    thank you…

  4. Aly Alkhamys says:

    worked for me. thank you so much. windows 7 ultimat

  5. Mehmet DEVECİ says:

    Thank you

  6. Stefano Dell'Amico says:

    How can i do with an AMD cpu? is the same way with the same program?

  7. Chris Law says:

    Worked great, thanks.

  8. Rizip pokharel says:

    Thanks bro…..
    Make a video for solving the problem ( Display driver has stopped working and has successfully recovered )

  9. Roberto Rico says:

    Thanks mate! Thanks to you I'm one step closer to fix a major problem.

  10. lupusprobitas says:

    Most of this video was just useless waffing about showing pointless error codes, and not even showing the fix in the video.
    The only thing people need to do is to go to the site of whatever brand their motherboard is and install chipset drivers, most likely it's specifically Intel INF installation (at least that's what it's called on the Gigabyte site)

  11. erdal er says:

    where is it fix???????????????????????

  12. Hunter says:

    Worked thanks

  13. SAG BHAI vedios says:

    dat ma ri bhosdi thari

  14. Luka Dine says:

    Link is not working;

  15. Prakash Mankani says:

    thnq u mere bhai aaj subha sai iska ilaaj kr raha tha 5 baar window daal li pr kuch na hua 50 trha k driver install kiye pr kuych na hua to tumara yai video dekha to thoda or koshish ki bhai install hote time show hua win7 mai isko install krne ki jarurat nahi h but mene anyway install kiya or ho gaya or driver sai sare ? hat gye thnq u bro but isse koi effect to nahi pdega na bro

  16. John Richards says:

    Just install this for your operating system. It should fix up the errors:

  17. Ivan Molina says:

    This AMDSMBus driver of 30kb of size is mandatory for upgrade Windows 7 to 10? Thanks for your answer.

  18. a Butler says:

    thanks big help

  19. Emad hashim says:

    Many THanks

  20. Sk Aktar Hossain says:

    Thank you so much love u bro

  21. Joshua The Average Gamer says:

    Got this Problem yet I have a i7-2600 Will it still work if I use the .Exe File?

  22. Built not bought by Nemilosu' says:

    Fixed. thanks,

  23. Hung Nguyen Son says:

    thank you very much for your kind support this matter!

  24. netsweemji says:

    Thanks, It worked for me too.

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  26. entertaintment Relax says:

    so wonderful, thanks,.

  27. Builder Bros says:


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  29. ATANU BANERJEE says:

    Old one but good one

  30. Mysterious Girl says:


  31. valdeck rocher says:

    That helped me. Thank you very much 😉

  32. Levi says:

    It just worked perfectly ! Thanks for the help !

  33. Rotimi Abdul says:

    Bless you this works for me

  34. smitha k says:

    Mine is usb problem should I also do like this

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