How to fix missing driver for Bluetooth Peripheral Device

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  1. Ultimate DIY says:

    T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !
    P L E A S E L I K E A N D S U B S C R I B E !

  2. Srikanth Vasa says:

    Awesome bro. Exactly did what is needed, Thank you so much.

  3. David JR says:

    Thank you Romanian bro

  4. takla singh says:

    did not work still that error

  5. aamir fiaz says:

    Thanks sir its really worked

  6. Tiago Pesce says:

    still doesnt work.. maybe jbl want everyone to upload to win10 … sadly

  7. Cameron Abernathy says:

    thx man. this really helped

  8. Venkatesh Sankar says:

    good one, Mate

  9. niko nidua says:

    Did not work only one i can find my bluetooth i cant on

  10. malan suresh says:

    Thank you 🙂

  11. marcozinsky says:

    did not fix my problem

  12. The Gamer says:

    Thank you. Now my beats s460 sre working.

  13. Sajid Ali says:

    Fuck you idiot

  14. Dimitra86 says:

    Thank you so much!! I could not download these drivers no matter what I tried!! Thanks again!!!

  15. LtFars says:


  16. Diego Cámara says:

    Works like a charm, thanks a lot!! 😉

  17. rerere1973 says:

    Thank you worked fine, fixed my issue, good work.

  18. Vivek Verma says:

    Thanks it worked.

  19. damian alva says:

    Thank you. Worked for me on Windows 7 64bits with a JBL T450BT

  20. James Coleman says:

    yo son, u fixed Sony XM3 headphone connection issue, not all heros wears a cape. some just makes youtube videos <3

  21. Hamidreza Roohian says:


  22. ecaterina omelian says:

    va merge pentru a rezolva conectarea castilor bluetooth?mersi

  23. Rikhi Ibrahim says:

    thank you so much, it's really works

  24. kiNG dULLAh says:

    my computer doesn't have the option "Microsoft Corporation" ? what am i supposed to do?

  25. Naveen Kumar.M says:


  26. Kazuto Kun says:


  27. Sebastian Martinez says:

    A peripheral device other than a Bluetooth is installed.

  28. Appregator says:

    Thanks very much. My Huawei P20 Lite would not connect to my Win7 64 bit laptop. Used your technique using drivers from Vista and it worked perfectly.

    I am astounded that Microsoft Update in Win7 does not deal with the Bluetooth drivers for a phone like the Huawei.

  29. Aliraza Khan says:

    Can You Contact me when you get a chance pls

  30. Aliraza Khan says:

    You Are The Mn Buddy

  31. AFRAZ says:

    Thank you! Man it really worked for me

  32. chhem somao says:


  33. Cherry says:

    I dont see option of microsoft corporation I can only see microsoft.

  34. jomppis 2001 says:

    thank you so much you fixed my problem i unistalled the driver but i got it fixed

  35. KogaShuko27 says:

    Thanks, worked perfectly on a windows 7

  36. AiD juNaiD says:

    try to put link

  37. Abdul Wahab says:

    very nice bro thank you i installed now working Bluetooth in my lap

  38. Gus Salazar says:

    Thank You Sir for this video; I was able to update all of the bluetooth devices that had the yellow exclamation sign. Note: the downloading of the drvupdate-amd64.exe file said it was for Vista but I have windows 7 but it worked anyways. Thanks again.

  39. TK Safi says:

    Thanks that was a big help!

  40. Muahmamd Asif Jamaly says:

    Tnk you sir

  41. OwlyEagles says:

    is this suppose to give me sound out of my wireless headphones?

  42. TheTemest says:

    Worked perfectly. I had three (3) errors and this cleaned them right up.

  43. Taehyung's Wife says:

    thank you. ^_^

  44. JTPY says:


    Speaking from experience here…

  45. Muhd Zakariyya says:

    Thank You

  46. John Paul Tanghal says:

    No Microsoft Corporation…

  47. Rahul Kumar says:

    is it work on window 7 ???

  48. gorky Subanović says:

    It's working thank a lot you master

  49. Philip Cook says:

    Excellent. Thank you so much, did the trick.

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