How To Download & Install Transformers: The Game PC For FREE

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  1. shotsghots animation says:

    im making a mod called street racing midnight
    the racers are
    barricade:with red plain paint job with no siren
    ratchet:no ambulance kit and with rally paint job
    optimus prime
    we are not including air and wars vehicles in the game

  2. sobordinates says:

    Dude why the hell do i have to go through 200 inappropriate ad websites to download a 2007 game that I just want to play

  3. Fishing for likes says:

    are the major bugs fixed on this pirated version?

    al the other cracked versions have indestructible enemy vehicles and the decepticon missions crash

  4. Hank Vincent says:

    does it got cutescense bc every zip about transformers i downloaded no one cutscenes

  5. ADR CHANNEL says:

    This is full game or crack?

  6. Gaming TV says:

    Hello, I need help. I cant climb. It only shows the climbing animation but doesnt go upwards

  7. Bk4u says:

    Is it for window 7

  8. ALL IN ONE says:

    there is no movie clips in this game?

  9. Nikoloz Katamadze says:

    i"m using windows 10 AND iM PLAYING IT THANK U SOO MUCH U ARE THE BEST

  10. Koushi Yamamoto says:


  11. Monda Niga says:

    Cutscenes are not also working for me.

  12. Kenshler23 says:

    can't install.. it say "Error occured while trying to parse MP3 package.. what does it mean?

  13. D-G D-kesh says:

    whats you link
    it is invisible

  14. super minecrafter says:

    Thanks! 😊😊😊

  15. COCKSHOCK says:

    Can I mod it

  16. Harshit Creations says:

    not working

  17. RedJLetsPlay says:

    Do you think Activision or even Traveler's Tales will catch wind of this and try to shut it down?

  18. RusselF says:

    i must register winzip or buy it

  19. Vanz says:

    Thanks You So Much Bro I like this Video!!!😘.But Why This Game Not Have Cutescene Sorry My Bad English😝

  20. Vinzent Pàz says:

    is this for windows 7

  21. Ali Samedov says:

    it is working windows 10?

  22. Garski says:

    where's the real official download link and must pay link? i cant find this on Steam

  23. Ar Abales says:

    I download but its not original version and graphics

  24. Xraxs43 says:

    thx Free play
    this downlode works i leave a like

  25. Nik Alif97 says:

    i want to download this.. but can't be reached… can someone help me :'(

  26. Yoswa ES says:

    I cant play the Game.. I'm Using Windows 10.

  27. Marvel univers says:

    not working

  28. d4n0 tube:v says:

    como le pongo los videos del juego

  29. d4n0 tube:v says:

    like me suscribo y gracias

  30. SLayer says:

    it works thank you

  31. Trivikram Ammiraju says:

    the app was not opening

  32. Trivikram Ammiraju says:

    ya i followed

  33. Trivikram Ammiraju says:

    its not working

  34. RobaticKola says:

    did this work for any for you viewrs?

  35. Creeper591 says:

    this doesnt work my dude

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