Homeschooler| Shopee Books Haul

We are starting homeschooling the kids and bought books from Shopee.

Shopee book seller:


PS: fb group: homeschoolers of Cebu


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27 Responses

  1. WEHN LUSTRE says:

    Hi sis… Nice books for beginner.. It's nice to know that we in the same field😘

  2. Angel Zabala says:

    Ganda naman ng content mo sis,

  3. Shelley Anne Jacobe says:

    dami namn po nyan sis

  4. EL Roche Channel says:

    Great vlog sis..

  5. Nice L says:

    Natutuwa po ako kasi may time kayo for your kids.

  6. Hariza Rose Dayondon says:

    books pa more siss ganda naman ng mga books na yan

  7. AngHaPey Stories says:

    Wooow shopee po yan? Anung supplier po? I admire you po ang hands on mom nyo po.. 😍😍😍

  8. owen lustre says:

    ang ganda naman ng mga books nayan…Home schooling? teacher ka? uhmm will they have certificates too?

  9. Edita Camba says:

    Maganda nga yan sis para sa mga homeschool gusto ko dun sa future kids ko

  10. Bubbly Virtual Maven says:

    Ang ganda ng mga books… Anong pangalan ng store sissy kung san mo yan nabili?

  11. Dana Kathleen Aquino says:

    This is a nice haul

  12. Riza Acaylar says:

    Sissy, next vlog request. What are the advantage/disadvantage of home schooling? Nice haul.

  13. Aly Gaylan says:

    Ganito mga hinahanap ko. In case na matuturuan na si Elisse. I want her to learn kahit di pa sya nagsschool

  14. Neng says:

    Nakakamiss din mag bumili ng mga school supplies 😔

  15. ATENG VLOGS says:

    Yan ang obligations natin mga parents tp provide the needs for our children to bring school to take care of them buying some stuff for them as well

  16. Mary Ann Sasaki says:

    Mag home schooling na pala anak mo bes, nice haul bes

  17. mscang hmua says:

    They’re so blessed na hohomeschool nyo po sila 😊

  18. puyaters31 vlog says:

    Aus yan maam

  19. Celena jas says:

    Galing talaga kpag housewife nakakaingit sis

  20. Celena jas says:

    Yay teacher ka pala sisy

  21. Celena jas says:

    Go mommy savings tayu mga sis

  22. Gail Bong says:

    Wow ang galing talaga kahit books pwede sa shopee 🙂

  23. NoyTebs Vlog says:

    awesome book haul mo..

  24. Family4Funvlog says:

    Nice haul books sis. Nice homeschooling plan at mga books.

  25. Marlinda Saikusa says:

    Nice haul .. like it

  26. Regina's Kitchen says:


  27. Aileene Yusuf says:

    Hi sis thank you for sharing this , nice haul

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