Happy Friday! Tiki Fire Slot Play

A fun little run on Tiki Fire. I’ve noticed there are always one or two Lightning Link machines with maxed out majors here so I might have a shot at winning it one time.
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14 Responses

  1. JC says:

    Did you go create another account so you can be mean to nice people let’s see your face and teeth punk the shhhhlots hives 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 going to be watching u troll 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  2. Richard BottSlotsAndMore says:

    Awesome video…Great run of bonuses……Gotta love those bonuses inside of bonuses…Good Luck To you…..

  3. Keith McDonald says:

    I dislike the lightning link games but somehow I always end up playing a round or two on them. So much potential that it’s hard not to.

  4. Naomi's Slot Channel says:

    Thank you for sharing this video and always stay positive & keep staying motivated and keep giving us more homework to do on your channel with those questions shhhlots out🤗

  5. Naomi's Slot Channel says:

    You can’t get that grand without me 🤗

  6. Colleen Shawhan says:

    You are so likable. If we lived in the same area, we would be friends. lol. Play together.

  7. Phil Riri says:

    Hey Shhh Slot Girl 😊👍 my heart starts racing…I get excited…I clench my buttock..I'm oohs n aahs…rubbing the screen…eyes closed 😂😃I do all that stuff…if I'm down to that last coin…then laugh it off if I don't get that Grand

  8. Gavin Young says:

    Another amazing video shhh slots keep them coming

  9. John Shoo says:

    Instead of playing pokies.go fix your teeth

  10. Shawn Mcfarland says:

    Homework oh boy

  11. Count Olrak's Slot Adventure Channel says:

    Thanks for the lightning link entertainment Shhh Slots. I enjoy watching you play because you have a cheerful and positive attitude while playing, makes you fun to watch.😊👌 Ok gotta go back to work. Shhhlots out baby!🤗

  12. Matt's Stuff says:

    Damn those 14 balls tricking you into thinking you're gonna get that GRAND.
    Also 10:35: 😂 I say that too!
    Thanks for sharing! Slots is therapy at times (if I'm not losing too much haha!)

  13. Double Deuce Slots says:

    Hey hey stopping by to say hey watched the video compared to me you did really well on this game. I’ve played quite a few times without even getting a bonus. It’s my nemesis 😂🤣. You even got the last chance bonus that never happens. Good luck have a great weekend and thanks for the vid ✌️

  14. Mrs Scorpio says:

    Always gets my heart racing when I get to 14 collected. You will get all 15 one of these days! Have a great day 🤗😘

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