GTA San Andreas in 2D (GTA San Andreas Top Down Camera View)

GTA San Andreas in 2D, playing GTA San Andreas with Top Down Camera Views in 2D! GTA SA in 2D!

GTA San Andreas in 2D MOD:

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Today we are playing GTA San Andreas remastered in 2D! GTA San Andreas in 2D is like playing the first ever Grand Theft auto. GTA San Andreas in 2D allows us to play GTA San Andreas top down camera view. This GTA San Andreas mod allows us to play GTA San Andreas in 2D!

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38 Responses

  1. ZacCoxTV says:

    Yesterday GTA San Andreas turned 14!

  2. Grand Theft Auto says:

    GTA Advance: San Andreas

  3. Charity Seedorf says:

    I thought it made the game a bit more easy.

  4. Green Rocket2.0 says:

    Exactly one year ago this vid was uploaded

  5. MediumGame 123 says:

    she like gta china town 😊

  6. Devon TheIllest says:

    You can actually do this with out mods on console, in and outside of a vehicle. Just press the select button till it has the top down view 😉

    Idk it it works on all gtas but it works on a few that I've played such as San Andreas

  7. Gareeeb Khiladi says:

    Intro song?

  8. Bryel Silvaah says:

    Vim do futuro pra fala q tem gta5

  9. PUBG FANS says:

    its not 2D just click keybord buttion V and camera change simple

  10. Grey *59 says:

    This should have been an option

  11. Steve Hickstington says:

    GTA Andreas Wars

  12. woozie_ br says:

    Thx mannnn

  13. Rival Plus Vlogs says:

    San Andreas that's gotta suck

  14. J PC says:

    How about GTA London with these graphics?

  15. CJ dawg says:

    That Moment You Don't Watch ZacCoxTV For Over 2 Month Just Because He Uploads Only RDR 2 Vids😢😢😢

  16. Nawund says:

    He looks like the male version of Billie Eilish

  17. Dimitri Daniliuc says:

    4:09 haha 2d

  18. bhai ka channel says:

    Are you using ghosttown cheat please tell me

  19. bhai ka channel says:

    This 2d sa is better than gta chinatown wars

  20. Rohlík says:

    gta V in top down

  21. Мартьянов Георгий says:

    You good blogger

  22. Мартьянов Георгий says:

    What? How?

  23. Мартьянов Георгий says:

    Русские, отзовитесь!

  24. ________ Misty101 says:

    ZacCox Do You Know The Best Youtuber In The Whole Universe
    Read The First Word

    Read More

  25. RePlayed TV says:

    Why you uploaded Vice city in 2D. You dont have 4000 likes on this video!!!

  26. Chesi _7_0_7 says:

    GTA V zac cox, GTA Vice City, San Andreas, LC Stories, VC Stories are the true GTA's with the best stories/singleplayer

  27. Dσ υ Know мE says:

    this is like gta chinatown wars

  28. The Anime Box says:

    It's kinda trippy though.

  29. Soumyashree Biswal says:

    Hmm I understood it can only be you ZacCox !

  30. Jeremias Quevedo says:

    can you do gta san andreas texas chainsaw mod

  31. Justin Kun says:

    gta 5 in 2d????

  32. [under review] says:

    What’s with your eyebrows?

  33. im Earthian says:

    This is GtA Chinatown Drea's😂

  34. Sølv Gamer says:

    Gta v in 2d and vice City

  35. Gen 8 Viewbot says:

    Good vid man ❤️ I didn’t even know GTA: SA had a mod available like this! Oh and btw plumage is an old french word which means a birds feathers, so it’s a real word you just used it in the wrong sentence luul 😂

  36. Owen Fred says:

    Please watch and like

  37. Jari Viinanen says:


  38. Salah Said says:

    Please do Samp 2018

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