GTA SA – How to Downgrade Steam Version [Tutorial] – Feat. SpooferJahk

In this tutorial I will show you how to downgrade GTA San Andreas Steam version to the 1.0 release and make some improvements to it, step by step.
These simple instructions will help you to bring all the music back and make you decide what mods you should install (in the tool) to make your version better than anytime before. This will also allow you to install SAMP/MTA.
You can also downgrade your 2.0 version and make the same changes to it.
●GTA SA – Steam Vs Retail version [Comparison]

●●●Steam Downgrader●●●
👉 👈
The version I used in the video is “Download Stub Version (Updates Itself With Patches)”
Full version is “Download Full Package”
If you can’t download it, then wait a bit, their server could be overloaded.
Converting old steam saves to use them on 1.01 & 1.0 (!always backup them!)

●Save Game Converter (link is down)

You can now convert the save here
●GTA San Andreas Savegame Editor

●Minimization & (Alt+Tab) bug fix

🔥 Fixing some problems 🔥
●Most of them are explained in this comment:

●Samp & SkyGFX – blue skies & missing textures
Fix here 3:45 or:

●My Polish translation doesn’t work (might be more languages):

Mods separately
●Cleo mod


●Widescreen fix

●Remastered GUI


●SkyGfx: PS2 graphics for PC

●GInput – Superior gamepad support



●Multi Theft Auto

● My Twitter●

● The music is provided by

ES_Lounge Lizards 1 – Jack Elphick

● My Patreon page

● As my special thanks you will be granted with an early access to the future videos. Starting from $1 per month.

● I always do my videos in English and only then I make a translation. Since translation process takes up about from 1to 2 weeks, you will be able to see the English video a little bit early than anybody else.

● Patreon


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27 Responses

  1. Vadim M says:

    Here is Q&A
    -Why do we need to rename the root folder?
    -In this case, Steam won't update our "downgraded" version and screw everything up. In other words, we are making a non-steam version, which will be protected from updates.

    -Can I downgrade a pirate version?
    -What is the point? This tool is made for Steam and Retail 2.0 version. If you are interested in the mods, then download them separately.

    -Why Steam is updating my San Andreas copy?
    -I guess, you didn't rename the root folder or you tried to launch the game on Steam. Remember, you must launch the game from that folder by clicking on "exe". Don't touch Steam at all.

    -Can I launch my downgraded game through Steam?
    -Nope, since you renamed the folder. If you really want that, then use an option to launch a non-steam game.

    -There are two executables now, which one is the right one?
    -I would recommend to launch the game through "gta_sa", but they are both identical.

    -What's with the famous "Hot Coffee" content?
    -Some people were afraid if HT is now enabled and the answer is no. If you want to enable it, then use an unlocker or a mod, or save editor. If you want to enable it, then google it.

    -The tool crashes.
    -Try to use the full version or vise versa. If it didn't help, then write about your crash in the "downgrader" thread. There is no need to write me a letter. I don't know.

    -I have blue skies & missing textures with Samp & SkyGFX (might be other graphical problem)
    -Try this 3:45 or

    -My Polish translation doesn't work (might be more languages):

  2. kaihtheloner says:

    I have a retail version of San Andreas (2.0). Gonna try this method. Hopefully it works.

  3. Omar Le Barbare says:

    Stuck in Scanning please wait when I lauch the downgrader

  4. DMGDealer says:

    Thanks so much having a blast playing it again it feels refreshed and the use of a controller is brilliant. Fantastic job modders!

  5. Nilson Ruiz says:

    So were do I go to play the actual game?

  6. 云轩俊杰 says:


  7. Mad Jazza says:

    After insalling this, how do I access the SA Multiplayer ?

  8. Mattkillian1 says:

    So I just got a new pc and had successfully done this twice on my old computer, but after trying on my new one it simply doesn't work, I open the downgraded version of the game but it's as if the downgrader didn't do anything! Does this method not work anymore or am I doing something wrong?

  9. Naresh Babu says:

    It works with 2.0 version?

  10. AndreKlasher says:

    JoeMama has joined the chat

  11. SmOkEyDuDe007 says:

    didn't work

  12. BenderPY says:

    Good afternoon, does it work with the GTA SA?? (Rockstar Games Launcher version). I’m desperate to know that before messing with the game files. Please, if it is possible someone can answer and explain how to do it exactly. I would be very grateful 🙁

  13. FrOsty says:

    guys I don't know about any downgrading but y original and my downgraded versions are facing the sae problem:-
    Whenever I start new game the game freezes.Pls help it would be better if I canrun the original version only just help
    thanx in advance

  14. Borsti/Tobias says:

    Thanks man. I didnt know that steam version is so different. I played GTA SA first on my PS2 but a long time ago. In 2017 i buyed GTA SA via Steam CD. I never noticed the different but after those videos in know that know.

  15. Dyzce says:

    thanks bro!

  16. Ralph Ansons says:

    keeps crashing on start up useless

  17. IAGamingWay says:

    I have 10$ In my account, and I have already GTA SA (Cracked) but I want stream version (For some GOOD reasons) But I don't want bad reasons. Is good idea to buy it & Downgrade it?

  18. Random User 1.0 says:

    YO YO YO bro… you just gave me more options whilst I just wanted to downgrade, hats off!

  19. TrackerDrift says:

    Vadim, Blyat.

  20. Flamingpanda47 says:

    I can’t access the advanced options menu in display menu

  21. AllBoxingTalkAndNews says:

    thanks bro – i'd given up on getting SA to downgrade – this time and method actually worked! 🙂

  22. Waine Llauderes says:

    Helped a lot, man! Thanks!

  23. Erkin Kalkan says:

    I enter the game and game didn't open. it stays login screen with the music… ? (Ok I solved that..) But now game looks like blurry ??

  24. ZK says:

    All right, but when I open steam and run the game steam updates it, which I do

  25. seven7x says:

    Thank you so much

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