This is “VACATION”, the most requested and awaited song by GFRIEND fans because of the phenomenal fanchant! Obviously Sowon, Umji, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, and SinB have become more enthusiastic when singing and dancing, the problem is that you are very compact “Eeeeeaaaaaa!” Buddy Indonesia is very champion, until there is a local fanchant everything !! 😭👌 ❤

Unfortunately, this super fun and iconic song also became the closing song of Shopee 11.11 Big Sale TV Show. Shopee is glad to have fulfilled your wish to perform GFRIEND LIVE on TV! I hope you guys are satisfied, buddy!

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33 Responses

  1. FJ Mania ArmyBuddy says:


  2. joanna apple says:

    I wish shopee Philippines get Gfriend too… But shopee Ph representatives is blackpink

  3. MFY 2000 says:

    always really love your honest reaction , if you want to hear yuju's highest note so far, please react to gfriend bside track from sunny summer album , gfriend – windywindy. i hope you enjoyed 🙂

  4. Jjkjyr slzz says:

    Indonesia fans make fanchant for gfriend!
    Vacation : EEEEAAAA!
    Fever : gak mau pulang .. Maunya di goyang :v

    Im from indonesia … And i very happy cuz many buddy in here!!!

  5. Frutangs says:


  6. Yuju Gfriend says:

    Masuk pak eko

  7. Kyba Vlive says:

    Check Gfriend fever on shopee… New fanchant from buddy indonesia "gak mau pulang maunya, yeoldaeya" translate "don't wanna go home,just want fever/yeoldaeya"

  8. Andest Andest says:

    Fanchart. Eeeeeeee Aaaaaaaa😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. summerbuddies ARMYBUDDY says:

    You should react to their albums

  10. Ok Boomer! says:

    She was killed in earthquake by Allah

  11. Vin says:

    Indonesian buddys made that shopee advertisement thing their own concert xD

  12. Ghina alma says:

    Im buddy from indonesia, i just want to say thanks to you

  13. Z Lian says:

    Enjoy! 💕Gfriend ☀╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭☀

  14. Sri Pratiwi says:

    Hello, i'm indonesian buddy

  15. Muhammad ILyas says:

    Hii i'm from Indonesia.. btw Sowon my wife

  16. Channel UmB Sinb says:

    Why the video look something wrong?? They sings and dance not same..

  17. donat kentang says:

    Vacation is a b-side track from sunny summer album

  18. Riza Delarosa says:

    You should definitely react to "Sunny Summer" mina album,the side tracks are sooooo sooo good.

  19. Otw kaya raya says:

    wkwkwk tq for u reactions, thie my recomendation

  20. Master MCreWz says:

    Indonesia is no 2 big of fan(buddy) after Korean..after Indonesia is Japan..this is top3 big fanbase of buddy..that is wht I think..this is personal opinion..btw I'm not Indonesia..

  21. Aji H.P says:

    Shopee is and e-commerce marketplace (Online Shopping) founded in Singapore, and they served user in Southeast Asia like Indonesia , Malaysia, etc. Gfriend is chosen as Brand Ambassador for this year, So they made advertisement, selling merchandise, attend event, etc to promote Shopee. Actually Gfriend had an almost similar ratio between male and female fans, someone already did analysis about it, even though sometimes we can heard more fanboys chant rather than a fangirl. Gfriend is very popular in Southeast Asia, they often visit some of the country for some event. They visited indonesia 3 times this year only, and they will come back again in December for some event held in Indonesia. And for the fanchant in Vacation its not actually uncoordinated scream, since it doesnt have official fanchant, Indonesian buddy initiated a fanchant by themselves. When the chorus started the buddy will said "Eeeaaaa" following gfriend movement of rolling their hand, throw it upward and clap. its kind of based on what indonesian people do when thay watch a music show especially on TV. And they loved it at their solo concert few months ago thats why some buddy did it again on this event

  22. CD AP says:

    Indonesian Buddy here ❤
    Please react to Gfriend – goyang shopee too thank you

  23. Padilah Agustin says:

    please react gfriend goyang shopee this is so funny :v

  24. Yedige Magavin says:

    You should react to their b-sides. Rainbow or You are npot alone would be a perfect starting point.

  25. GFRIEND Buddy forever says:

    Fan boy are more in south korea i think

  26. Regina Andreita says:

    Wow… I have no idea u'll react this. Hello… I am Indonesian buddy. I'd watched ur reaction video all bout gfriend. Yess.. I am one of the lucky fans watching live stage GFRIEND from Shopee event. The stage was extraordinary great, GFRIEND very amazing, MC was great, buddies was very very great fandom. We (Indonesian buddies) very supportive our girls too much LOL. We missed their GFRIEND happy face. Their very humble to their fans. I missed those night tho.

  27. imJohnSteve says:

    Gfriend are the endorser of SHOPEE(online shop app) in Indonesia
    Just like BLACKPINK they're the endorser of SHOPPEE in the Philippines

  28. Mj Army_buddy says:

    The song vacation is from Sunny summer era

  29. Ta Tin says:

    The audio is faster and video is late men

  30. Kaze Kanashimi says:

    Hello I am an Indonesian Buddy. Yeah even my name is from Japanese Word, because i am otaku :D. Shopee is an Online shop. The company establish in Singapore but there are some country which also Shopee covers. Like in here (Taiwan), Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.
    Oh yeah they will come to Jakarta again at Sowon Birthday (7th December)

  31. Laura Ptr says:

    Indonesian buddy is very creative creating fanchant, it makes me excited when I see it. Gfriend also looks very happy on stage.

    hi i'm from indonesia🇲🇨

  32. 137usbm says:

    Shopee is e-commerce platform.
    Gfriend is invited to it's big sale 11.11 promotion. It was big success performance.

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