Get Well Soon Jennie, BLACKPINK Meet and Greet Scam (Shopee)

Talking the Shopee Scam, BLACKPINK meet and greet in the Philippines, and Jennie’s Health concerns

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36 Responses

  1. Whiskered Shrimp says:

    4:39 the mc on the left did ask if Jennie was okay and she said yea watch here


    I was there…. at the Macau concert. I saw her with my own two eyes and how she had to take a breathe every now and then, I cried when Rosé held the bear, which was supposed to represent Jennie

  3. Abeloth Prime says:

    Someones trying to cover his gambling addiction Totally not looking at your YG.#DontTakeBlackpinkDownWithYouYG

  4. Generic Youtube Username says:

    This kind of reminds me of the A.C.E concert I went to where the top VIP ticket holders got scammed, but this is way worse. What's up with event runners trying to scam fans out of hundreds of dollars?

  5. Jay Park Young says:

    This so why we can’t have nice things 😔

  6. James Arian Aguirre says:

    No one:

    An empty universe:

    KPOP Junkiee: PaNtS

  7. Shrutika Srivastava says:

    I feel so bad and angry for the fans who got cheated! OMG! I hope something was done about that.

  8. Kim taetae 〈3 says:

    Shopee is just belittling us Filipinos were not people who can just give what the want but me hearing this, this is just disrespecting us filipinos I hope those people got what they deserved and I hope those people spending so much just to see their beloved Idols I hope they will be also. and my I hope my baby girls will be alright and see her smile again we love you jennie hope you get better I know I'm late xD

  9. I Love Everything and BTS says:

    All I have to say to Shopee is.
    Putangina mo
    (I learned this from a Filipino friend 🙂 They said this was a curse word so I used it :))

  10. Miss Abegaile says:

    My bias is jennie and i love her so much and the thing that shopee didnt do anything?Poor Jennie

  11. Gabe Nicanor says:

    This fan meeting was a mess

    1. Jennie is sick
    2. The host is asking if they have energy (wtf what kind of question is that)
    3. The Celebrities (Aura and Riva) laugh at Jennie
    4. Many Filo Blinks are hating shopee as of now

    Ps: i'm from philippines anyways

  12. Kenny Abapo says:

    I'm so concern about Jennie

  13. ELLIS WINT says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things in this world

  14. Eilish says:

    I believe Jennie was feeling sick at the time, but the fact her fan base was being mistreated made it even worse

  15. KNilla Quinn R says:

    3:01 I mean, yeah it isnt the celebrity's or influencer's fault, but if they were given that unfair priviledge, i think that as INFLUENCERS they should apologize or refuse pictures or show some sort of justice. Because they are influencer, they have a lot of influence and are role models and having integrity should be (it isnt always) one of their priorities

  16. Emely Alivio says:

    Feel well jennie😫😫

  17. Oasiable says:

    I hope they new ceo of yg(she is a woman) can treat blackpink well

  18. Bethany haralu says:

    Get well Unni

  19. Sadie Reynolds says:

    0:15 literally I love you KPOP Junkee you're literally my favorite. And you're always so respectful and nice about everyone's opinions, and you always make me laugh!

  20. kleitos x says:

    i'm gonna use Lazada from now on 😒😐😑
    (poor jennie😑😕)

  21. althea Tarroza says:

    Remember dont buy at shopee again

  22. Lily Rose says:

    Idol life seems too hard for Jennie

  23. Kin_ unski says:

    Like imagine how much merch you could buy with 43,000

  24. jimin stop being squishy and rosé stop being cute says:

    its not their fault for the shopee scam

  25. BR3AK M0N says:

    What, what is this? What is this?
    Unbelievable. Those poor fans! I don’t know how much the exchange rate between money from the Philippines and the euro is, but that looked like a lot of money. Shopper really needs to do something.

  26. mr nameless says:

    this issue shows how our country is still corrupt because they will just fine the shoppee for 300,000 pesos for breaking the law.

  27. Aisha Villapando says:

    I’m so sorry I’m from Philippines and I feel so guilty… I still can’t get over what stupid shoppee did to my queens ㅠㅠ

    I’m sorry for my fellow ph blinks who spent thousands of pesos (ph money) and didn’t even get to meet the girls. I’m so so soo fcking sorry BlackPink! I’m sorry that there’s harsh ppl here and that they didn’t treat you guys or blinks

    I really can’t forgive shoppe for what they did

  28. KC says:

    Blackpink should stop promoting shopee. Shopee is full of bullshits!

  29. S u n f l o w e r x x says:


  30. lisa lol says:

    Good thing she didn't have to perform till she fainted

  31. ChimChim_Gaming YT ØwØ says:

    Im from philipines and i See on TV and Ads Have BlackPink But Im Not A Blink So i Didnt Buy anything But i Still Feel Bad

  32. Chicc With Bangs says:

    This is so discusting.

  33. QuAkInG says:

    It hurts my heart to see another human like jennie in so much pain

  34. midnightair04 says:

    The girls of Blackpink are amazing but for there own health they desperately need to eat more & fight for the food to actually do eat to be nutritious. One of the original members of SuJu Han Geng developed prolonged gastritis & Kidney disease do to the extremes of barely eating coupled with the poor quality of the food he did eat. So everyone please encourage them to take better care of their bodies. If you join in fan club projects to send them food instead of cakes & pastries go with vegetables and fruit. If beverages switch from coffee and soda to smoothie and coffee.
    So now that I have finished my rant about doing what we can to help them be healthy. I truly hope that Jenni is really okay.
    I think that Shopee should refund all the fans who suddenly no longer had tickets and apologize to them for the heartbreak they caused.

  35. Paula Anne says:

    Am Filipino but not a blink, but have kept a close eye on local media in the Philippines regarding the Shopee thing.

    The investigation by the Department of Trade and Industries is supposed to release a statement tomorrow or in the next few days, but Shopee has again issued a statement saying that the supposed scam was just due to a system error. They also reached out and offered "over 100 fans" a refund for all that they spent on Shoppee and even for transport. That's what I heard on the news this morning, but I've yet to hear Shoppee say anything themselves.

  36. Amyr Tardaguila 2 - Vlogs, Gaming and More says:

    They were in the philipines again and scam the people

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