Game of Thrones Season 8 All Deaths (Game of Thrones All Deaths, Season 8 All Deaths)

Game of Thrones Season 8 All Deaths are all the deaths that occurred in season 8 in a Game of Thrones. So obviously I cannot include every death, two episodes this season were literally just death. So I included what I could without HBO taking it down, so all the main character deaths are there but we are missing some random soldiers and townfolk deaths.

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The Deceased in order of appearance Ned Umber, Men and Women during the battle of Winterfell, Dolorous Edd, Lyanna Mormont, Beric Dondarrion, Theon Greyjoy, Night King, Jorah Mormont, Melisandre, Rhaegal, Missandei, Varys, Innocent people during the Battle for Kings Landing, Harry Strickland, Euron Greyjoy, Qyburn, Sandor Clegane also know as the Hound, Gregor Clegane also known as the Mountain, Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Lannister Soldiers, Daenerys Targaryen, and the Iron Throne.


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42 Responses

  1. Lavanya Rawat says:

    Where the hell was wildfire

  2. CEO KxxngChubbie says:

    I binged watched from 1 to 8🔥🔥🔥 that's how u put a series together. Much love jelly 🙏🏿

  3. Sassy Sunshine says:

    I have yet to see season 7 and 8 however i like to know what happens….. This video is awesome thank u!!

  4. The brain Guy says:

    You should also add a death to the whole series

  5. Rebecca Soto Crooks says:

    Poor Danny she helped a lot just to be killed by her love of her life

  6. Mr Dav says:

    The beric dondarian death was so stupid he could’ve just been bought back like he has six times

  7. norlie macenas says:

    what a kind of death like that

  8. icewall flatearth says:

    What's up with the new season of game of thrones?

  9. Dan Cloud says:

    I thought Game of thrones will have a satisfying ending but it was so rush that it ruined the masterpiece. I feel bad of the graphic editors for they put lot of works in the graphics especially the dragon just to find out that it has shitty ending.

  10. Michaella Braid says:

    every character died thanks to bullshit writing

  11. shadu sh says:

    Ending Is soo Sad…😥😥
    Love From BANGLADESH ❤🇧🇩😍✌

  12. Khanh Nguyen says:

    Xem phần 8 ở đâu nhỉ các bạn

  13. G breeze says:

    GoT may be a great show but I think we can all agree they pushed it by having 8 seasons.

  14. The Mighty Sparrow says:

    The last one was the most satisfying……..bitch had it coming!!!

  15. Just a Naga guy says:

    Fuck u John snow

  16. Comedy & Fun says:

    I like deni denerious and Deni deniel,🤣😂😂

  17. Dibau Semalilinatabua says:

    F***k all .

  18. tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

    "Does your mom watch Game of Thrones?"

    "Yeah, she's watched every season"

    "The final season of Game of Thrones was great, wouldn't you agree?"

    "Yes, I loved it!"

    Hangs up

    "Your foster parents are dead"

  19. Just Curious says:

    I realy wanted to have a Christmas / New Year nonstop Game of Thrones benchwatching…… But I can't…. Season 8 was so bad… you realy don't want to star Xmas great Ned Starks head chopped off… to New Years Eve… the Season 8 Crap…. reruns of Game of Thrones just dont work.

  20. Judas tamad Vlog says:

    I can't imagine the foul smell after the battle with the dead

  21. Adrian Camilien says:

    me encanta

  22. مهدی قربانی says:

    Chok gozal

  23. BISWAJIT DAS says:

    Upload full episode one by one

  24. BISWAJIT DAS says:

    Upload next parts

  25. MeeN NAVAMEEN says:


  26. judy Samontina says:

    How they are alive they are all 💀

  27. judy Samontina says:

    They are all death 😢

  28. judy Samontina says:

    They are all death 😢

  29. Green Wonder Gaming says:

    Arya was one of my favorite characters from start to finish because her story has always meant something and in the end she killed the king and she is a goddess

  30. Shanna-taye Adams says:

    Wtf🙄😨😏… I've watched the hole season of this movie n couldn't wait 4 the end … can't believe this is what I have been sooooo long to see…. Danys died, the dragon is left all alone…. This season is bs😖😞

  31. Christabel ehly says:


  32. sudais khan says:

    The last sence make me upset

  33. sudais khan says:

    What the fuck why they kill the queen

  34. Ellen Callabrese says:

    Poor John and poor Danny

  35. JR Reed says:

    Theon, redeems himself and dies a death his island will be toasting to for 100’s of years… wait

  36. Doggo Willink says:

    Theon, you’re a good man.

    I’m not. That’s coolio tho.

  37. Phelan Christopher says:

    So Arya died….that sucks

  38. Mark Collingridge says:

    Can't wait until they make season 8! So excited to see how this saga comes to an end. I hope they don't completely ruin every single character arc and meaningful storyline.

  39. Love Me says:

    The last battle with the NK should be in King's Landing , Night King vs Cersei . Qyburn make a plan to stop the army of the dead by Wildfire and Dragon glass , stealing Dragon Glass from Donstone and make scorpoin balista from it to stop undead dragons , and of course, making more Wildfire. Cersei kidnape the red army including Melisandre to help her destroy the Army of the dead ( Cersei finally involve in the magic elements ) . Jon , Daeny , Arya and the rest join and make truce with Cersei becasue they lost everything in the first battle. And then they defeat the NK after Destruction of KL .Finally Cersei become mad queen and destroy everything , Jaimie or Arya kill her , Jon died and Dany get pregnant from Jon , she renounce the Throne to Bran or Sansa .

  40. Graapefruit says:

    I know nobody asked, but can I just say I think I'm content with how this series ended?
    I didn't bother watching season eight because all of the spoilers, and for a while after hearing what happened i thought i was angry, but after missandei's death, after the second dragon of her last two dragons death, i don't blame Dany. She had listened to her peers (or the others, if they're not peers) and decided she wasn't going to be like her father. Through it all, I feel as though she was an orderly queen; and even though she did destroy King's Landing in "insanity", and did damn all those innocents, I can't forget that Cersei taunted her at every chance she could without considering the well being of her and jaime's baby or the people of King's Landing. Although I was sort of surprised she burned that shit down, I seen it coming. It was major character development; she goes from the incredibly petrified, timid targaryen girl to the queen of dragons who are willingly and happily at her beck and call. After all the times she declared she wouldn't do what her father did, or "become" him, it was clear she was going to take that step-too-far, especially after missandei's death.
    as for jon killing dany …. I was shocked. But I also wasn't as mad as most were. She had the genes, and depending on what facts stated, the potential, to become insane like her father. Jon was in love with her (even after finding out she was his aunt, i think), bonded to her in extraordinary ways, but he also knew of how horrid the future could be had she went insane. As a man of the night's watch, a man who was separated from his family, a man who'd known heartbreak, a man who had seen AND experienced death, he figured to swallow his immense love for the woman he was head-over-heels in love with and then kill her, just to avoid the death and heartbreak that could occur within the future years if she had morphed into the being her father was. Or, he could've done it out of his own selfishness, because maybe he knew that if she'd gotten worse he wouldn't be able to leave her.
    (Not supposed to say this because of what i've written, but) However, I don't think Dany would've went completely insane. Orderly brutal, yes, even pushing it with coldblooded, but completely psychotic? Unlikely. Especially because they'd have to think of what else could push her so far into insanity.

    I will say, though, it was frustrating. Especially thinking of how many times they made Dany prove herself, over and over, and tremendously badass each time, it was sad and infuriating they killed her off so easily. Then there's fact that they made JON do it, when the know the heartwrenching love the two have for each other.
    Because of Bran inheriting the knowledge and shit (yes, i said shit, cause goddamn, they fucked him over too) that he inherited, I understand why he was crowned king on the iron throne. Again, I didn't watch season eight, so attack me if you will, but I understand it. Especially when I realize Sansa spent the other half of her important girl-to-woman learning-period in the north.
    so uh yeah that
    ps, i love theon.

  41. Daniel Kim says:

    S1 : Oh what's this? Game of Thornes? Is this a game drama? WTF?!!!
    S2~S6: GOT is the BEST!
    S7: Okay, preparing for the grand finale~
    S8: WTF? Are you serious? This is the end?

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