FIXING Blade and Soul Crashing!

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  1. AnimeT0getherEU says:

    I didn't know that people have trouble of bns crashing while eating a muffin.

  2. AfterDark94 says:

    I edit the xml file but the change is never saved, since I tried to open it as a manager and still nothing, it always resets

  3. Joshua Watson says:

    I tried everything listed on forums and youtube but the solution that worked for me as stupid as it sounds was to move the cable from the port your hard drive is plugged into and plug it into another free port on your motherboard.

  4. 15thTimeLord says:

    to answer the idea that people who don't use razor equipment. I have NEVER used razor equipment and I have this service, its because I've used "Razor Comms" and "Razor Core" I believe both have a game overlay feature and I'm not sure that a mouse or keyboard would have that software but I wouldn't know.

  5. EeDymon says:

    I don't have razer o.o, I use logitech

  6. ghsiii says:

    i dont have razor and that stufff i just install the game and when i login in put my id and password and agree for all the shit they want me to agree and then i tryin create char and booooooom crash

    wtf can i do?

  7. Lily Nemo says:

    I couldn't find the razor in my task manager too…. please help me =/

  8. edmayc7 says:

    For those that are crashing non-stop in-game and in-loading screens
    and does not own any razer products
    in-game: make sure your connection is stable and no lag spikes.
    Check your connection and go on cmd and type without quotes "ping -t"
    wait 3 minutes and press ctrl + c to stop it. Scroll up and check if you're not suffering of any lag spikes higher than 500ms>
    If so, check your isp, modem, local internet usage of your famility, roommate ,etc…
    moderate the connection and make sure you're not running any other internet draining apps like torrents and so on.

    in-loading screens: delete the Loading.pkg from the CookedPC located in "(installation path)NCSOFTBnScontentsLocalNCWESTENGLISHCookedPC" (not necessarily identical to yours, may be similar) and avoid to tab out of the game.

    These should fix the main issues with the game 🙂

    fps drops and such depends of your rig capability and settings of the game.
    make sure everything is set at the lowest and low-end mode is turned on and no special effects!

    For large groups do ctrl + f to hide other players when against bosses like 4-man / 6-man / 24-man / zone bosses. it helps reducing the frame drops.

    If this helps, you're welcome, if it hasen't, i'm terriblity sorry i couldnt help you 🙁

  9. Winkies Jr says:

    plz help me

  10. Winkies Jr says:

    i don't own any Razer products

  11. ilias2002 says:

    i cant finding BnS on documents help me plz

  12. Javier Burgos Vergara says:

    I dont have Razer

  13. Sherry Velazquez says:

    thank you so much dude! I had so much trouble with this! you helped so much! keep making videos!

  14. Steven Wang says:

    Try to do this it help A lot like other game if you have error like I did and can play any game because of problem, if this don't help I might try to solve it hopefully

  15. Steven Wang says:

    Also don't uninstallMicrosoft visual++ 2005 to 2010

  16. Steven Wang says:

    Gravy tube you said you didn't know why non-razer user crash, but I kinda figure out that what I did is uninstall every Microsoft visual++ in cleaner from 2011 to 2015 and then reinstall the newest version and then update your driver( I have Intel hd graphic card ) to update the driver successful you right click window screen, go to display setting, then at first page you scroll down to advanced display setting, go to display adapter properties at the bottom, then go to properties in adapter and finally go to driver and update your driver there and it work for me. I hope this help the people who have problem in blade and soul, it help me fix my problem ;D

  17. Ben Smyser says:

    Thanks so much! Helped a ton.

  18. StevenMango says:

    Amazing video. BEST TUTORIAL EVER! This helped me so much!!

  19. Jay Manlapaz says:

    sir i i couldn't find the razor in my task manager

  20. arabdestro says:

    Dude, thank you. I've spent the past 4 hours trouble shooting this. I played BnS completely fine from cbt-headstart-week after launch. Had crashes. Disabled razer sdk services, crashes stopped. Today Client just hard crashes, won't open, crashes on start up with blank error log etc. I went through every step and the Heat Map step did it.

  21. Gravy says:

    If you found this video useful! Don't forget to let me know!

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