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You guys are welcome! New video for kids with Alex about Finger Family will cheer up! Little boy will sing familiar words with you on the popular song for baby. How many family members do you have, let’s count! What is Alex funny in the role of mom, dad, brother, sister and baby in this kid’s video. Remember the words? Watch the amusing video for toddlers, dancе and jump to the song Finger Family on our channel Tiki Taki Song!

Our team:
Producer: Kostiantyn Feshchenko
Executive producer: Mishatkyna Tetiana
Artist: Ivanov Gennady
Screenwriters: Parzhyna Yulia
Actors: Yaroslava Kushnir, Omelchenko Igor
Music: Yuliia Mozharova, Lavrenko Serhii
Singer: Duplyakina Vitalyna

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36 Responses

  1. Happy Barbara says:


  2. 까미튜브 [Kkami Kids] says:

    So Good^^ Children will like it^^

  3. Boo Boo TV says:

    Cool! I like it so much!

  4. Tarek Al Hawz says:

    .. pajlwlzpz(kzslkskwlklooM try eat and it will take a while to respond, and a few UT y. I will have the 9 yr

  5. Eleanore Parris says:


  6. Prenses Melek Eda says:

    Wowwwwwww great video 👈 😊 💙 💛 💚 💜 ❤️ 💗 💙 🌈

  7. Prenses Melek Eda says:

    Great video 👈 😊 💙 💙 💛 💗 ❤️

  8. Bir çocuğun gözünden / Follow the eyes of a child says:


  9. Andres Apazaoch77 says:

    no entiendo ni una mierda jajajaja😂😂😅

  10. Rafael Reis says:


  11. Guka Family Show says:

    wow great job my friends…thumbs up…👍👍👍❤️

  12. CarTooN ForKids says:

    Super video

  13. Tuckey Tuckey says:

    Cute video

  14. Emir Cihan Demir says:


  15. Lucky Liza says:

    ( ^-^ )

  16. Armoni King says:

    B. B n n. You,

  17. Ria Vlog says:

    💜 i 💜love 💜this 💜song 💜

  18. KidsColoring says:

    Very nice animation)

  19. Dagcutan Jarmon says:


  20. Halid Daurbekov says:


  21. toàn phước says:


  22. Ruqia Fawad says:


  23. - Fun Learning for Kids JunMath says:


  24. Juveria Hussain says:

    The uuo

  25. Mary Vaquero says:

    Uuuiik2k día iwwkwi

  26. Kids Lala Toys シ says:

    Good Luck dear)

  27. Jaq e Alice says:


  28. Piggy Story says:

    Hi, my dear friend! i like your channel and your videos! thanks for doing so useful animation and good luck for you!

  29. Thong Pakse says:


  30. Benny Wilson says:

    Johnnie uj

  31. Kids Video says:

    Awesome Finger Family Nursery Rhyme.

  32. Kids Delight TV says:

    very nice finger family song

  33. İlknur Tiftik says:


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