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31 Responses

  1. eindingaller says:

    can u read a book for me ? your voice is so calm

  2. Sarthak Jain says:

    Tiki Taka 😈❤️💯 Thanks Ovvy

  3. Loveunit says:

    I’ve found that the key to watching his videos is to play it in x1.5 speed 😂

  4. Siges says:

    4-5-1 is the best tiki taki formations so much attaking players width and o play is to far from eachover i use it to beat press

  5. Cacan Almir says:

    any good tips on how to improve squad i have around half milion coins and some high rated players to sell like manos and godina, sergio roberto

    no i havent used fifa coins just extremly lucky with packs this year rest of year will suck big time i bet life on it

  6. Emanuel Neagu says:

    this year passing is inspired by high school students' play I guess…

  7. Carson Hughes says:

    Delete this video, hate when kids play like this

  8. Vladimir Positiv says:

    Really enjoy ur videos

  9. Dauntless Media says:

    Hurry up and like the video so I can watch this skill tutorial !!!

  10. The GodFather says:

    guys i needs to add some friends in fifa 2020…appreciate if u add me..Origin id : N81F84SB

  11. Andrew Thiselton says:

    Can you do a counter attacking tutorial?

  12. It's Ankit K says:

    Great Tutorial Boss

  13. catalin rosu says:

    wow asteptam cu nerabdare acest video

  14. RAXTEK 22X says:

    His accent may not be the best,but his tactics always are . Good luck reaching 1mil

  15. Carlos Santos says:

    Why press L3 (litterally press the analogic Burton) while on close dribbling near/inside opposition box????

  16. Bruh says:

    gotta try this. thanks ovvy

  17. Hajnrich Walczak says:

    What is this bottom left corner?
    Which shows what button is pressed ???
    pls help me …

  18. Will Vize says:

    is it just me who finds this game soooooo slow? im falling asleep playing it already

  19. Apran Maharjan says:

    Can you tell us tactics too.

  20. I0N Rhamm says:

    Nice vid 👍

  21. Armand Gheorghe says:

    Binee Ovita!!!!

  22. Daz Sweetz says:

    Xbox players are useless ps4 is where its at

  23. TJ Crunch Gaming says:

    Thanks ovvy, great video , this helped a lot mate❤

  24. VK Official says:

    Bro that's a really helpful tutorial.thanks man

  25. Arturo Camacho says:

    5th comment!!!

  26. yodamaster00 says:

    my philosophy tiki taka, love it thanks for video

  27. Debunking Stupidity says:

    My gf just left me – one like = one la croqueta

  28. Melwin Svalin says:

    2nd one

  29. Sai Teja says:

    First comment

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