[FEH] Aether Raids #29 Day 5: Fallen Tiki Rampage (Tier 24)

Everything was going so well until Tiki and friends mugged Surtr and left the poor girls by themselves… Tiki!!!!

Fight 1: This is a *perfect* example of how to successfully Hit and Run. Otherwise I’d have to have dealt with a 30 damage a hit Jaffar. Yikes. The person, first of all, let me H&R easily, and secondly, my Bolt Tower couldn’t have been in a more perfect position. That was SO satisfying taking out 4 things on Player Phase like that. Perfect.

Fight 2: Yet another Poison Strike team. Tried my best to first deal with Lyn (maybe I should have used Nailah…), but then…umm…I had no answer for a +10 Tiki at the end game. She was untouchable with Noontime and Special Fighter. I guess that’s why we’re getting Naga?? I’ve honestly never had a problem with her but this is probably the first time I’ve had to fight her without Surtr (23:14 was such a beatdown and yet…I almost survived!!). With Surtr gone I couldn’t win. Good to know in the future… Failure.

Edit: Rewatched this. I’m not sure I would have won our not, but I could have tried to kill Tiki with Delthea on turn 4. I had a chance, she was panicked. Good to know that you cannot leave Tiki as the last thing alive.

Fight 3: The future is now. Another +10 Tiki with the same build. All right, she’s gotta go first. An Eir died due to Aerobatics. I could have probably avoided if I used a turn to set up. Oh well. Once Tiki was finished (thanks Surtr), this was a completely different result compared to fight 2. -20.

– 20 offense lost (40 total)
– 0 defense lost today – no fight! (200 total)
– 0 Aether missed
– 1 Ladder used (1 left)

OK…that should hopefully do it for public matches; tomorrow should be rematch time. Or… Not? I got a lot of Success! that didn’t count and now I can’t rematch them. ;_;

Top 1000 should still be possible. It really depends on my defense results.

Day 4:

Week 28 Defense fights / week review:

Legendary Naga Summoning Session:

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2 Responses

  1. reekhadol says:

    Any ideas on how to build Nagas? I'm thinking I'll keep both their A skills, going with smite and Atk Feint on one and reposition chill speed and double drive on the other. I think I've settled with the core of two Nagas, B!Hector and M!Corrin.

  2. vince Mccarthy says:

    how do you get the fire sweep bow, because none of my current units have that bow?

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