DJ PAD for android

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  1. Lucía Rincón says:

    Hola , no entendi y como hago para guardar mi musica?
    No se hablar en inglish lo siento espero que entiendas spanish

  2. Zeus apaceble says:

    Pinindot ko na lht para maging dj

  3. Jessa Skuzeck says:

    Can you please put the link of the app pls. I search it to play store but i can't find it. Pls. Thank you! 🙂

  4. ꧁༺ Tio•RangerZs༻꧂ says:

    App Dj Pads


    What is the name of the app

  6. Luisa chaves says:

    Hello, I'm from Brazil and I have a question: do I have to record the music or something? I hope you help me 😉

  7. Dino Gamer Boy says:

    The best

  8. Mysterious Think says:

    app ka link bejo

  9. Wong Jangkang says:

    Awesome 🙋🙋🙋

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